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What can I say? This was an awesome show...

It was a hot as fuck day in Southern California. 102 in the Inland Empire.

"San Berdoo, that's all I gotta say, San Berdoo."
    -Mike Patton-

The line up was as solid as it gets, though. The Melvins were first up, followed by Fantomas, Clutch, Primus, and then finally finishing up with the headliner Tool.

It was like an anti festival, but still a festival line up nonetheless. Welcome to "Coolfest". 

The Melvins were themselves, at times they reminded me of the band playing Billy Madison's graduation party.  But that drudgyness, that somewhat amelodic sound is their draw as well.

Following them was Fantomas, minus Dave Lombardo on drums. Mike Patton (Faith No More, Painkiller, Dead Cross, Mr. Bungle) and company delivered all the trashed versions of classical movie themes you could want. Playing their hits, Godfather, Rosemary's Baby, and Ave Satani (The Omen).


Middle slot went to Clutch. Clutch was clutch (and that's not a play or words). Solid as all fuck, grooved out with perfection.  A really fun live band with a unique and distinguishing sound...

2nd to last band to play was Primus.  A warm up show for an upcoming tour with Clutch.  They used that hour to it's fullest. They opened with a song about the societal benefits of methamphetamine and continued on with notable songs. Even throwing in a cover of Pink Floyd's "On The Run", with Les Claypool playing the keyboard part on the bass..

 I was surprised by the set choice, complete with Mr. Krinkle being played in a pig mask.

 At around 9 PM, at the 15/215 merge, Tool kicked off with "The Grudge".  Followed by a superb setlist.

Among those, a song about the San Andreas Fault while within 3/4 mile of the fault itself made it a once in a lifetime type thing.

The music and the visual show had the all there that night transfixed on the stage.  And for a moment we weren't divided. Or something like that.
CanisMachina4 19 hours ago
Well hello again. Nice to see everyone is still alive. Should you wonder why I am here? Well, I won't be on here much. Regardless of who likes who or not we are part of the same school. I have to many irons in the fire to contribute here. 

In all reality just curious. I stopped posting on the 600 because of the mob mentality. Hopefully " Under New Management " is not the same as the last and this place will not spiral down like the last site. 

ZachBlack Yesterday, 18:53 · Comments: 6
The Charlottesville violence has brought out the best in us.  People are exceptional at coming together and drawing that line in the sand to do battle with evil forces.

We rally the armies of righteous indignation to wet our blades with the blood of our enemies and scream out in sanctimonious glee.  If you're not with us, you're against us and you will receive no quarter!

And so it goes on and on until we die. Death is the only true peace.

It is the nature of man to fight; to fight with nature, to fight with dark forces, to fight with himself.  Some put on a team jersey and are absorbed into someone else's conflict, while others take the reigns of the beast.

Only in the eternal struggle is there meaning.
Entropic Aug 17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: othering, team sports, witch hunt, charlottesville
20 year old plows into crowd, the media reporting is biased as usual.

The right claims the left threw the first punch. The car assault occurred after the protest was declared unlawful.  The sight of protestors carrying torches and signs really set it off.  Then Antifa showed up Saturday morning with their usual activity. This also set off protestors that claim they were just using words up to that point but Antifa acted out by throwing gas and spraying people in the face with pepper spray.

What's done is done. The kid from KY is now in the midst of a civil rights case. People are angry or depressed and calling it Trump's fault for emboldening groups to be more forthcoming with their motives.

Meanwhile, Mccauliffe is in denial mode over the presence of Pro-White groups based out of VA.  They've always been here, they haven't been chased out as he asserts.  They rarely participate in violent displays, there's always a mix up with Antifa.  Though, the message appears to be enough to paint them the villains.

SIN_JONES Aug 13 · Comments: 25 · Tags: conflict
Killing an idea takes more than destroying the system that houses it. The idea is dead when it is falls out of use. Some believe that not only is the system of Satanism decaying, but also that it is falling out of use.

The error in thinking here is that Satanism is an idea, religion, philosophy, or some other system of ideas.  The term Satanism is a description of a process, a state of being.  It doesn't require specific words, rituals, chants, artifacts, clothing, books, or organizations.

Satanism will die, but, even after every Satanist is dead, the spirit of Satan will burn on.
My Review of the film:  "Are All Men Pedophiles?"  It's a bit long but it covers a variety of topics.  I tend to think as I go, I rarely, if ever, plan out what I want to say.  It's general thought vomit but you'll get the point.Incidentally, the producer Jan-Willem Breure fell under fire after its release on Netflix.  It didn't get much air play prior, aside a few showings at independent film festivals.  After it aired, blowback from the SJW's forced Netflix to pull it.  It was re-released but a shorter much edited version was made available.
It looks like you simply use the little link Icon in the menu below Post body: like this shit here!
BeastXeno Jul 30 · Comments: 7
"Ryan Fleming, 26, was labelled “boastful and arrogant” by the sentencing judge at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

He was convicted by a jury after a week long trial of two offences of sexual activity with a child in 2013, and cleared of a further similar charge."

Derp or 3 years was worth the indulgence?

Telegraph Reporting



SIN_JONES Jul 30 · Comments: 23 · Tags: fails, law, power, compulsion
Forums, boards, social networks, corporations, gangs, religions, charities, cults, and the list goes on.  Groups of people slap labels on their foreheads not just because they have common goals, but because they want to belong.  The label becomes an identity while each individual mixes their own neurotic dispositions into the symbols they've adopted.

When I was a teenager, I had a tight-nit group of friends. There was a guy who saw what we had, so he tried to get in out it. He had all sorts of ambitions and ideas for the group, but his game was so laughably obvious that it was easy to exploit him at every turn.  His cost for wearing our label was high.

Over the years, I've seen plenty of people across different groups get mindfucked by labels. They never achieve their own goals, let alone come up with their own. I can't say I've been immune to that either.

Both online and offline, there's a myriad of groups one finds themselves a part of. It's not the label that matters so much as the value created by the interpersonal network. Even if the goal is simply to communicate ideas, there is a plethora of ways to engage.

 What makes this place a better facilitator? Is CoD just another tired label? Pixelated discussions and Internet soap opera seem to only go so far.
Entropic Jul 30 · Comments: 6
Satan here. Circle of Descent is back up, running, and under new management. Stay tuned. That is all.
satanhimself Jul 26 · Comments: 18
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