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A Drink With Zarathustra



 My god bashing blog, definitely have an obligation to write one of these being on a Satanic site and all. Anyway I'm currently digging into Nietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" which I've been finding quite amusing so far. For those of you who haven't read it Zarathustra is like the atheistic Jesus, burying men who've died in the pursuit of danger because doing for such a thing with nothing to show for it after word is honorable. He encounters a man of faith, and doesn’t want to take from him all he has, so he refuses to tell him "God is Dead". I'm about 55 pages in with a few hundred more to go and I'm enjoying the read.


  Ok so the bashing, faith? what is faith? faith is confidence. I find little confidence in putting confidence into others, going back to the old slogan if you want something done right its best to do it yourself. So why would I put confidence in a magical bearded man who I've never met? I put confidence into Santa Clause as a child, but I am now a man I've out grown such illusions and it is such with the idea of "God". But than again, I am with Zarathustra; I wouldn’t tell my 10 year old sister Santa doesn’t exist so long as I get credit for the tablet she's getting for Christmas. So why would I take from a man what he has? what works for him? Is a man of god scared or just hopeful? I have trouble bashing someone for either of those qualities. I to hope to go to a heaven where I can fuck the chick from Hanzel und Gretyl(it’s a band I like) on the back of a Yamaha V-max in some starry autumn wasteland… but wait… I can do that in my head!!! if there is one thing ADD has given me its my very active imagination.


  As for fear, fear is natural selections tool for survival. Every human being strives for their "ideal situation" which is what makes heaven so appealing on an instinctual level. Now the FIRES OF HELL!!! don’t intimidate me; I rather like fire, I've lit myself on fire, I've danced in/on/around it and I've drunkenly(sometimes soberly) lit things on fire. So hell is going to have to be scarier than that to get me to kneel to anything. The point of hell however is not the fear of fire, but the fear of pain. Pain is not something to be feared but something you can adapt to. Now not every individual has the spleen to "adapt" when its so much easier to accept or avoid, I've lived much to difficult a life to accept that kind of weakness in my persona but others have not. I believe that which makes an individual a "sheep" or a "mundane" is the lack of natural selections impact on their lives. If one lives their life in comfort they have not found a NEED or DESIRE to adapt.


  So now we've stumbled upon my reasoning's for not being a Satanist, a Satanist is an adversary and the Satanist has an obligation by the various codes set forth to appose said sheep. Personally I find no interest in bashing sheep over the head with a club, I mean initially the BAAAAHHHS of terror and the nice wool apparel id acquire would be nice, but id eventually run out of satisfaction or storage space for wool  thus defeating the purpose of the action. I am an egoist, a man who is on a quest to reduce authorities hold on my individuality and to evolve all the while, which switches my priorities for conflict. To quote Tywin Lannister(realistically George RR Martin), "A lion need not concern itself, with the whims of sheep" As such I have no concern on a individual scale.


  HOWEVER, concern is noted when it comes to the way laws are made based on a moral consensus thousands of years old. On this scale I am faced with the weakness of Individuality in comparison of the herd, ever see the movie Black Sheep? If not watch it and you'll understand how dangerous sheep can be in a herd and possibly laugh all the while. How does one stand against the herd though? If you attack the herd you tend to either get trampled or ignored, so my solution is to lead by example. I join sites like this and post content like this with the hopes that you my dear reader well see me and develop a desire to evolve in YOUR own way, that my thoughts may plant seeds of evolution, or perhaps understanding. Finally ill close with a toast to Mr Zerathustra, ill drink in your name and the name of your god Nietzsche.

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By Azazel
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