Salutations from fnord's blog

Turns out I missed somewhat often interaction with some of you. 

It's nice to not have to start every. single. conversation at absolute ground zero. 

Don't have much more than that to say. I've grown accustomed to silence. 

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The Wall

Oct 9 '17
Hey another person worth talking to. It's strange that, per capita, this place has the most people worth talking to, yet none of us talk too much. Perhaps that's what makes us worth talking to? Probably not. Anyway good to see you're not dead yet.
Oct 10 '17
I'd say that's a worthy assessment - can't pause and reflect if you can't STFU once in a while :)
Oct 10 '17
You love us.
Oct 10 '17
Yeah, I guess so. As loose a cabal as it is, I guess y'all are my 'tribe'. (time to go back to beein meen now) :)
Oct 10 '17
bring it brah
Oct 10 '17
So happy to see you. Your departure from 600 was a major loss to the site. Glad to have you here.
Oct 10 '17
Thank you DD,SJ & XG. I feel like I set the world right (if only for a few days) at 600. If you guys aren't the anti egalitarian front, I don't know who might qualify.
Oct 11 '17
Fuck the Police
Oct 11 '17
All these familiar folks....
Oct 12 '17
Silence can be louder than a thousand words.

Hello Fnord.
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By fnord
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