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The Second Horseman



  "When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come and see!" Then another horse came out a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword."

-Revelations 6:3-4


 Conflict to me is the ultimate representation of free will, to be at peace with someone is to either be in camaraderie or compliance and it is often simple to mistake the two. Here we have the playing field to be intellectual adversaries and yet maintain a sense of camaraderie. The camaraderie comes from the intellect group that sites like this attract; Satanist, Nihilist, Atheist, Agnostic, Egoist, Anarchist, < all these and other "labels" have been placed on our heads either by ourselves and others, the problem with such labels is that they limit the range of conflict that can occur. In some ways our labels are related  therefore we have similar thoughts on varying subjects and a little bit in common with each other; we find resonance and in one way or another we lose a sense of our individuality when we gather like this, not just on this site but on any site that has a theme. When does resonance become a bad thing? and is it a bad thing? Is a true Individual to be solitary? or does the Individual have more value when it has the strength to remain itself among others?


  On might is right, how does one define might? Asserting yourself as an Individual requires more than a keen and educated mind, it requires a dash of stubbornness and in some cases the brawn to back yourself up. Many times have I found myself standing apart from a man who has run out of things to say, and when a man runs out of things to say he does one of two things 1. He lets his fists do the talking or 2. He submits to your will. And before I get my ass torn out by a select few Amazonians due to the heavy masculine tone to this blog, if woman have one blessing it’s the lack of testosterone that makes us men angry brutish guerillas. Now back to my train of rambling chaotic thoughts…


  On conflict with authority, this is what frustrates me the most in my life. I cant be myself because I have authorities above me that have the brawn and numbers to mold me to some extent. For example, I was talking with my father about taking my bike out to the drag strip next summer because I'm a bit of a speed junkie. Now in order to race any bike that can perform at a certain level, you have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars for specific gear and parts to be allowed on the strip. Now of course I could say fuck the strip and race the roads but if I reach "felony speed" and get caught I can lose my bike and the right to ride it. Another example; I'm hungry and broke right now, however there's some nice tasty deer outside. It'd be a simple task to shoot and field dress one so I can eat for the next week but I cant, pouching charges in NY can cause me to lose my right to bare arms plus a several thousand dollar fine so I'm forced by the powers that be to work a 7-4 job so I can eat and get shelter. Why cant I just wander into the woods and drop a house somewhere? Because of zoning laws, taxes, regulations hell I cant even opt to shit in an outhouse in NY because having a leech field and plumbing is required for your residence to pass any sort of health laws. I can go on and on and on but I'm going to stop on that tangent and open my thoughts to those of others.

Azazel Oct 29 '13 · Comments: 3 · Tags: electionyear, speech

It’s funny how things come full circle isn’t it? Enemies become friends and friends become fellows. Some people freak out over conflict on the web, I can’t help but laugh and tell them to give it some time. People are fickle and flighty. The latest and greatest conflict is next week’s decay. 

 Many of the righteous trip over their words, little shit piles left behind for the flies. They are out there in the world deluding themselves into believing they are preparing a grand feast for the feeding frenzy. What are they really producing? Changing? Have a look for yourself, what manifestations of these oh so powerful people are to be found? If you can’t find a single thing, well… There you go, the proof is in the pudding and sometimes the pudding is nothing but shit. 

The peacocking is a case of the same old shit, with different flies. The illusion of beautiful birds of a feather are more like the horde of maggots to later emerge as the filth of the fly. The average fly lays roughly 500 eggs in a batch, the average life-span of a fly is about a week. The female can lay up to 150 batches, leaving her little maggots about to feed on decay…On shit. 

It’s really not much different than your average drama junkie. They run round and round in circles with scissors looking for some shit to cut up for the feed. Give it a week or two, and they’ve moved on to the cycle of their own decay. If you are observant, you can watch the eggs laid out, the maggots feeding and the matured flies that make it out of the shit pile to lay their own brood. 

Some flies are eaten by predators, and others die from eating the wrong shit. Either you can allow yourself to become annoyed with swatting at flies, or you set the flypaper and make it stick. Trapping flies is easy, exterminating them is more problematic. There will always be flies, because there will always be shit. A never ending cycle of living and decay. 

If you have a brain in that noggin’ of yours then you know not to leave food laying around, and bury your decay deep and out of reach. Shhhh it’s a secret. You don’t behave like a fly, you found yourself caught up in the cycle and break free. Maybe you’ve learned that leaving shit about attracts flies. 

 I’m not your guru, I’m not leading you to some Nirvana of enlightenment. I’m merely a voyeur and social analyst of human behavior. At other times, I’m a trapper of flies…. 

[**The English Idiom: “You can catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar" was first cited in 1666, "A common place of Italian proverbs and proverbial phrases digested in alphabetical order" Giovanni Torriano, later used by Ben Franklin in 1744 in "Poor Richard’s Almanac”.]

Flies are easy to trap with honey, even if they prefer to hang around shit. 

 Keep Sweet!

SIN_JONES Oct 24 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: speech
I was unaware that LttD deleted accounts if they were members of other forums or groups which might explain why I was unable to log back into their forum.

Then I read on this site that anyone who was or is a member of SIN who joined CircleOfDecent would also be banned and deleted.  

I find much of this counterproductive for them actually.  My purposes for joining more than one venue is simply out of academic necessity.  Why would I want to limit my exposure to as many differing opinions as is possible?  How am I supposed to grow and understand more about the changes I am trying to make for myself.  You would think something as petty as multiple accounts on different forums, not even multiple accounts for the same forum would spark this kind of controversy. But that is exactly what I am witnessing.  This isn't a case of working as a CEO of one company and moonlighting for your competitor.  This conflict of interest should not even come to the table.  

If an offense has not been committed, and I am deleted and banned from SIN then all I can say about that it is their loss as I know I have value.  A mover and a shaker I am least not yet.  My journey through this new chapter in my life is only several years in the making.  When I am ready I am certain more drastic, and lasting change can be made.  

One doesn't need to be irrational and spontaneous to be considered Satanic. We still walk before we learn to run.  I will get there when I am ready.

Ghostly1 Oct 21 '13 · Comments: 8 · Tags: speech, fails, rosemont

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