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Why do you think he hates me so much?  

...You can't Unknow the Truth.

Why do you believe his RETCON?

...All this time you've been his Pawn.

Back in those days, newbie praise.

...Do you read Lavey?

Please SIN JONES...

Can I call you on the phone?

I beg you...

I need you...

You're so pretty.

I really like your Acronym, 

Did I spell that right?

You can't unknow the Truth

SIN_JONES Oct 26 '17 · Comments: 8 · Tags: sin jones, zach black, truth

Pick this apart. Show me where my weakness is.


Thanks and enjoy my introductory piece



What is Satanism?

I've asked myself this question quite a bit lately. If you've given yourself this particular label, then hopefully you've already answered this question for yourself (or, at least, you're still figuring it out for yourself).

Is it dressing in black? Listening to “Satanic” Black/Death/Acid/Speed/Metal? Maybe it's putting on makeup or getting a shitload of tattoos/piercings to make yourself appear to “stand out” from the crowd... Or maybe it's consuming copious quantities of drugs and alcohol? Is it pissing on a crucifix? Perhaps it's cursing your family?

Or maybe it's cursing your family as you piss on a crucifix at Mass on Sunday while listening to Slipknot on your MP3 with a blazing coke-laced blunt in your overly-tattooed right hand and a copy of TSB in the other... Yeah, I think that might be it...

Ok, so I'm joking around a bit. But seriously, do you possess the critical thinking skills to truly decide what Satanism means to YOU?

You can read TSB front to back (which, by the way, if you haven't you most definitely SHOULD), but this doesn't make you a Satanist. I'm sorry, but it doesn't. It might mean that you're literate (and good on ya, mate) but being literate doesn't count for much, either, nowadays.

And here's the awesome thing about it. I can't tell you what it is for you. (I am Frustrating, aren't I?) You see, due to the intrinsically individual nature of this “religion” the ONLY person who can figure this out for you, is, well, it's YOU.

Now, I can kind of give you a few hints as to what Satanism most probably is NOT. (I know, this is pretty pretentious, isn't it?) It's not in how you dress, what music you listen to, or how many tattoos you have. You're not a Satanist simply because you choose to do drugs (or not to do them). You're not a Satanist if you tell your parents to go fuck themselves. You're not a Satanist if you wear a cross upside down, or an inverted pentagram pendant. And you're certainly not a Satanist if you piss on a cross at Mass on Sunday (although, that probably WOULD be kind of funny.)

Well, dammit, Shadow, how do I know if I'm a TRUE Satanist or not? How can you tell me what it probably isn't without at least giving me a clue as to what it might be?”

Alright, that's a fair question, but as I stated earlier, I can't tell you what it means for you, so I guess I could let you know what it means for me, as an individual.

First things first, it's probably a good idea to go ahead and obtain a definition so as to give some context.

Satan, at least as far we understand here in the west, is also known as the ADVERSARY.




    noun: adversary; plural noun: adversaries

    1. 1.

      one's opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute.

      "Davis beat his old adversary in the quarterfinals"

      synonyms: opponent, rival, enemy, antagonist, cambatant, challenger, contender, competitor, opposer;

Ok, so we've got a reasonable definition to work with here. Basically, someone who is a Satanist is someone who challenges authority; someone who questions the why and the how of an idea and will pick it apart until they get to the very core of that idea. A true Satanist is someone who doesn't spend much energy at all in getting others to like them-they don't need approval or adoration from the masses-nor do they want it. Someone who challenges and questions the status quo of society simply because it seems no one else really is.

A Satanist would be someone who is willing to fight with others (whether it be rhetorically or physically) in order shake others out of their own zombie-like stupor. (Or just because they feel like it)

Basically, a Satanist, a true Satanist, is someone who opposes society (and those who enforce the rules associated with society) at every turn simply because it exists and represents what the majority thinks/feels/does.

But a true Satanist doesn't just oppose the status quo without first determining what that actually is. You'll need to possess an all-consuming hunger for knowledge, a never-quenched thirst for understanding.

If you want to truly be an Adversary, you'll first need to know and understand that which it is you're going to oppose.

Aligning yourself with the Adversary doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be popular with the masses, primarily because you're constantly shoving their own ideas back into their faces and demanding that they explain how they came to the conclusion that they're defending. (The masses don't generally appreciate that, by the way.)

By now, perhaps you're probably beginning to realize that being an Adversary isn't really easy, nor is it all that much fun. It can be painful, and lonely. It takes bravery to question authority, and, generally, you won't be rewarded for engaging in Adversarial behavior.

Your peers will probably think that you're an asshole. Your family will definitely think you're “weird” and probably “crazy”. Those in power will most certainly fear you because you're not acquiescing to their rules and regulations.

In essence, a Satanist is someone who thinks for himself, who questions authority (ALL authority) who won't back down when a fight is started with him. Who will go against the grain just because it stirs up the “shitpot”

Hopefully, this has given you something to think about as to how to determine what Satanism means to you.

But a final thought to mull is this: The “Status Quo” or “Society” is always changing. It is malleable. It ebbs and it flows. It's very fluid and moves much like the waves on the ocean. That which is considered a societal norm today, won't be next week. So, it keeps you on your toes, always questioning, ever challenging, constantly opposing that which others consider to be “mainstream”

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