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StinkFist Dec 28 '13 · Rate: 3.86 · Comments: 53
This was inspired partly by something JK wrote about how the membership number here should be capped at a certain point, and partly by LeD's Facebook thread, in which I very briefly brought up the "Network Effect."

For a briefing on what the Network Effect is: Network Effect.

I have seen the birth of MySatan and its decline. I have also seen the birth of S.I.N. and am seeing its decline. In both social networks I see the same patterns emerge.

There was a time with MySatan when membership was under or around 300-500 when MySatan was very productive. It generated a lot of quality content. There were quality exchanges between members/users. There was a feel of effectiveness to how MySatan worked.

But when MySatan's numbers went over 1000 that quality and effectiveness it once had to it began to decrease, until it just "died," meaning here that it's quality and effectiveness in exchange of information flatlined.

I saw the same basic patterning with S.I.N. In the early days when SIN user numbers were around ~500ish it was great. There were quality users, quality posts, effective quality exchanges. There was a 'potency' to SIN's system and dynamics.

But when SIN numbers went over 1000, 2000, and so on, the system's (SIN) effectiveness and quality gradually decreased, until SIN became what it is right now: a derpy ghost town haunted by trolls (just like MySatan was during its last year).

Basically the "Network Effect" says that the value (and quality) of a service or thing for a person is based on another's use of said service or thing (goods).

And so, the more users of a product/service/good there are, the more value, more effective the system becomes.

BUT, there comes a point where too many users causes what is called "congestion," which in turn actually causes a decrease in the value and effectiveness of a system.

The hypothesis I make here is that for the two Satanic social networks I have observed - namely MySatan and SIN - there seems to be a low threshold of user numbers where that if you go over this number, the social network decreases in value, quality, and effectiveness. In simply terms: 1000 users may be too much, unnecessary, and counterproductive.

With a large user population as 1000, the number of average minded users increases. Which in turn causes to arise an environment or condition for derpery. I've noticed that the more users (1000 plus) MySatan and SIN had, the stupider they became.

This may be something for CoD to think about over the months and years? What does CoD want to become? What direction is it moving in? And are huge numbers of users needed to get to that end destination?

I'm getting a feeling that there is a rough user population level around 300-500 where a social network thing like this hits maximal value/effective level as a system/network.

UserX Nov 16 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 43
My Review of the film:  "Are All Men Pedophiles?"  It's a bit long but it covers a variety of topics.  I tend to think as I go, I rarely, if ever, plan out what I want to say.  It's general thought vomit but you'll get the point.Incidentally, the producer Jan-Willem Breure fell under fire after its release on Netflix.  It didn't get much air play prior, aside a few showings at independent film festivals.  After it aired, blowback from the SJW's forced Netflix to pull it.  It was re-released but a shorter much edited version was made available.
20 year old plows into crowd, the media reporting is biased as usual.

The right claims the left threw the first punch. The car assault occurred after the protest was declared unlawful.  The sight of protestors carrying torches and signs really set it off.  Then Antifa showed up Saturday morning with their usual activity. This also set off protestors that claim they were just using words up to that point but Antifa acted out by throwing gas and spraying people in the face with pepper spray.

What's done is done. The kid from KY is now in the midst of a civil rights case. People are angry or depressed and calling it Trump's fault for emboldening groups to be more forthcoming with their motives.

Meanwhile, Mccauliffe is in denial mode over the presence of Pro-White groups based out of VA.  They've always been here, they haven't been chased out as he asserts.  They rarely participate in violent displays, there's always a mix up with Antifa.  Though, the message appears to be enough to paint them the villains.

SIN_JONES Aug 13 '17 · Comments: 31 · Tags: conflict
Over the years, I've been critiqued for many things, but none more so that my "theism" with regard to The Master. So I figured, why not here, and now . . .

The idea is simple really. The Master is Facticity. He's what's going on. If I were to bow before a god, that motherfucker better be solid as all fuck. And that's exactly what I indicate by the term. The world IS a certain way, and HAS a certain character. And, like it or not, that "character" has a degree of intentionality within the system at hand.

Funny story: in a certain Tantra, our world (4-D Multiverse timeslice) is known by the epithet "endurance". And on the previous scale, "destructible".

The Master, as a necessary concept, is undeniable. How else do you account for the value of G? 
JK Nov 16 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 29
I know you're reading this, Ronald. You've already PROVEN that you read everything here. How about manning up? Sounds silly to you, right? You know, not blocking comments, that kinda thing.

You will not get booted from this place for "hurting my feelings". How about you take ALL of your JK-angst and BRING IT to someplace where you can't hide behind blocked comments or zealous mods? Bring it here, you fat faggot, if you actually have shit to say.

Otherwise, sit the fuck down and go make you YET ANOTHER video about how you just can't get my sack out of your mouth. And make sure you don't let anyone rate or comment. Fucking pussy.

LOL, I was gonna actually make a meme on Ron French with the scratching of the BACK-HAIR. I decided it really wasn't worth the effort. I mean seriously, he'll grow it BACK in 37 minutes. That's his superpower. The ability to re-grow back hair.

I'd give you a clock to show up, Ronnie, but I already know you're a bitch. Prove me wrong. Or go make another video about me that can't be commented on. Your choice, faggot.

JK Nov 25 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 28
Culture is kind of like a blanket. From region to region, depending on the influence of a variety of factors including religion, family values, governmental policy, media influence(which are all interwoven) the blanket will differ in feel and fabric, yet wherever you go, it is there.

That blanket is what I like to call the nomos, or the sum total of the influence and coverage of that 'blanket' in any given region. Regardless of what individual views one might hold, or what psychological predisposition one might hold, both are woven into the nomos though ones proximity to it, and the fact that it can cover you to the extent that you can not see past it or though it. This blanket of nomos becomes a blanket of what is right/what is good, as the memetic nature of such nomian fabric is always self affirming. This is why we see things such as right and wrong, good and bad, placed into objective hardspots rather than being recognised as the arbitrary relatives they are.

The LHP, as I see it, holds a unique spot in this order, a tricky spot. If the nature of the LHP, as per the nastika/aghori is to break this nomian fabric that provides the soil for this self affirming dualism, how then do we interact with each other, which creates 'nomos' as byproduct? When too much of this 'nomos', these value hardpoints(think LaVey) seep into the very toolset for destroying these things, to what point can we honestly define what we are doing, categorically, as LHP?

From where I sit this has become pandemic. What is memetically recognised as Satanism has slowly subsumed as more and more nomian valuations have seeped in. We have those that would style themselves as 'Satanic' leaders offering us excuses en mass as to why we should obey, how we can 'use satanism' to better fit in to the prefabricated world set before us. We have 'Satanic spokesmen' telling us how rational self interest, which can be properly understood as a one size fits all excuse for inaction, is the highest 'Satanic value'. We have 'Satanic organizations' claiming laudability based on paying their taxes and obeying the prefabricated rules for allowing their existence. 

We have a whole generation of would-be's that are completely conflict averse, both unwilling and unable to evaluate their own positions critically because of some sense of entitlement to their views, as the stamp of egalitarianism leaves it's mark.

So what happens when the tool for breaking chains is itself replaced by a chain?

Are you a 'nomian Satanist'? Do you sit back and let the dead mouth of LaVey or his living, yet hollow echos speak for you?  Or do you challenge yourself, put yourself at odds with it, put yourself in danger from it, so that you might gain your own voice?

Dan_Dread Nov 11 '13 · Rate: 4.90 · Comments: 27
Satan here. Circle of Descent is back up, running, and under new management. Stay tuned. That is all.
satanhimself Jul 26 '17 · Comments: 26
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