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I've written plenty in the past about facing extreme challenges to your own psyche, in fact this is the overarching theme of ADM. Yet,there is another aspect to the LHP that is often given a nod of the head but seldom engaged directly, and often ignore outright..and this is pushing the boundaries of the more mundane aspects of existence.

Often it is said that there is no real sense in putting thought, time or effort into how one presents themselves on the web. After all it's just the web, it isn't the real world. Right? None of this matters, so why put out any real effort. So they say.

The same can apply, and does apply, to the 'real world'. Often I am surrounded by those that do the bare minimum to get by in any given situation, scrape past 'life lessons' without learning anything, doing things but never improving..not because they can't, but because they don't care. Why give 100% when 50% will do? So they say.

They coast through life on the path of least resistance, while they provide a support structure by making no demands of themselves, or of those around them. They facilitate mediocrity, and demonize those things which are hard, those things which take effort. They take pride in their failures, minimizing the importance of success, contextually speaking, and of improvement in general. 

They form control memes. 'obsessive', 'perfectionist', 'workaholic', while minimizing failure through memes like 'you did your best' and 'Well, I tried' when usually both are far from the truth. 

This is of course nothing new, as it describes the nomian plebe, the common man sitting on his hands waiting to die, but for the contemporary Left Hand Path, it is a sickness. A disease. 

This is why I personally feel little to no pity for those that dig their own graves though their lack of action or failure to take the reigns over their own situations. This is why I feel contempt when I see something written by one representing themselves as a Satanist that hasn't even been spell checked, or provides content that quite obviously has not been thought about, studied, or understood in even a peripheral way.

The fact that no effort has been put in seldom stops these sorts of 'nomian satanists' from expecting accolades for their phoned in efforts, nor does it stop the 'white knight' variety..which is basically the same nomian animal with an added sense of moral superiority, from trying to keep any stratification from happening. After all, demanding any sort of qualitative performance from those you surround yourself makes you an asshole, an elitist, or 'thinking you are better than everyone' 

Here's the thing, most of the time that is true. This isn't because I am smarter, or faster, or able to eat more hot dogs in a sitting than any Japanese gurgitator alive, but simply because I constantly strive to improve in everything I do, and I am sometimes successful. If I decide to do something, anything, it is with the intention of mastery. Self mastery, mastery of others, mastery of my environment. This isn't accomplished by mentally of physically sequestering ones self, but by facing the word and everything in it with full ferocity. 

People say this particular medium doesn't matter, that you don't get a full sense of a person here, and I agree. Yet, you can learn much by how one presents themselves in any medium. You see many here that through the years do not change at all, do not improve at all, make the same basic spelling errors and never seem to learn anything new.  These same people are generally the ones that talk about their Satanism existing not online, but 'in the real', yet I am always left to wonder..if these people can not even improve in a minor way, here, than how can anyone be expected to believe they are conducting serious satanism 'out there'? Should not all that 'sinister experience' out there show though some sort of trail of progression in ones words? In the fine tuning of their presentation, the streamlining of both the 'big stuff' and the details?

When you, dear reader, try to place yourself into this spectrum, where do you honestly find yourself?

Dan_Dread Nov 1 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9 · Tags: fails, behavior
How about we re run this thing back . . .

Jason King (Captain Kirk)

The guy that just keeps snatchin' lunch monies. The guy that despite not knowing shit about computers wormed his way into yours. The guy that could give a fuck less if you drop the dox. The guy inside your head, mindfucking you all day long. And I do all this while trippin' over Barbies and Elmos.

Dan Dread (Sun Tzu)

The dude you wish you could be. Succinct, intelligent, self sufficient, and not a pussy. Everything you hold dear in one package. And he thinks you're a steaming pile of doggy doo-doo, go figure.

Angel Maker (Big Cock Man)

The epitome of everything that sexually frustrates you. The guy whose cock you drool about so much you've uploaded it to the internet at least twelve separate times (obsess much?)

Female Satan (Wonder Woman)

A hot, smart chick that got tired of being judged by her willingness to flash boobs in chat. Labeled a "nutswinger" by idiots, she is actually the brains of the operation. Recognize!

Alison Jones (Cancer Girl)

If you want to talk about mindfucking memes, or cancers, this is your girl. She actually takes dumps with more intelligence than a sober you. Or a unicorn, take your pick.

Darryl the Interrogist (Mr. 3.0)

That dude that has phonecalls of you having phonecalls recorded of you guys having phonecalls. Confused? Exactly! Not hard to do, but done nevertheless.

JK Nov 3 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7

 This a little something I wrote as a senior in high school. My English lit teacher thought it was worth publishing in the annual poetry/short story book the "mirror."


 For your reading enjoyment :)


                                        The Corner



 I have been sitting in this corner for at least 3 days, according to the window at my right. I am cold, but do not dare leave to get a coat. I am hungry, but do not go to get my food, for if I do, I shall surly die! Murdered would be a better way to put it!


  I can not see my killer, but I know He is there, I can feel Him all around me, coaxing me out of the corner. I won't go, I will not leave this corner where I know I will live. He plays tricks on me and knocks at the door, but I am to smart for him, He calls my name from outside,  but I will not go to him. I shall stay in this corner until I am sure He is gone and only then shall I leave this corner and live an ordinary life. My killer is strange, He leaves me food but I do not go and get it, for that is what He wants me to do.


  Today I feel uneasy, I think someone is at the door, Oh no, the door is opening! My killer is there, I see him, Black of hair and snow white skin, His green eyes stare at me as He approaches. I stand and start to run, He knocks me down to the matted floor and injects me with poisonous fluid from his needle-like fingernail. He gets up and leaves, but I am still alive, I stand, but my legs are wobbly from His poison. I stagger and crash against the padded walls of my room, I fall to the floor and crawl to the corner, the corner where I will live forever.


 Not much something I thought I would share.

timishardcore Nov 10 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 13

There is no Creator. There is no Creation.  There are no Satanists.  There is only the spirit of Satan. His essence.

Out of the destruction and befoulment of the Divine Nothing arises defined existence.

The destructive grace of Shakti is not contained in any vessels, living or dust. 

She lives between the fingers and the formless stone as the sculptor destroys his masterpiece into being.  She breathes death upon the pristinely blank canvas as a pact between the painter and his captured demons.

Our very being is shaped by a relentless torrent of darkness.  Only the few will seize the chisel and brush to become their own dark Master.
Entropic Nov 17 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5
This is in response to Zach's message to the Circle. 

Read it HERE!

SammieSam Nov 3 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 13
I know you're reading this, Ronald. You've already PROVEN that you read everything here. How about manning up? Sounds silly to you, right? You know, not blocking comments, that kinda thing.

You will not get booted from this place for "hurting my feelings". How about you take ALL of your JK-angst and BRING IT to someplace where you can't hide behind blocked comments or zealous mods? Bring it here, you fat faggot, if you actually have shit to say.

Otherwise, sit the fuck down and go make you YET ANOTHER video about how you just can't get my sack out of your mouth. And make sure you don't let anyone rate or comment. Fucking pussy.

LOL, I was gonna actually make a meme on Ron French with the scratching of the BACK-HAIR. I decided it really wasn't worth the effort. I mean seriously, he'll grow it BACK in 37 minutes. That's his superpower. The ability to re-grow back hair.

I'd give you a clock to show up, Ronnie, but I already know you're a bitch. Prove me wrong. Or go make another video about me that can't be commented on. Your choice, faggot.

JK Nov 25 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 28
I like this. It lets me know that I'm getting under your skin. That I'm bothering you. Making you uncomfortable. I don't have a special name for you simply because you have yet to figure out the meme game. You don't know how to have a conversation, let alone a metadialogue.

You're just too busy licking your extensive wounds. Perpetually on defense because you have zero ability to claim the high ground and mount a real assault on offense. You tried, sure. And failed.

And yet, you will try and fail again. And again. You will press your last remaining generals into a battle they cannot hope to win. And they will fail. And fall. And then you will be left alone and crying out to god like you did at 13. And he won't answer this time either.

"And I say unto you, that many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven. But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." - Jesus

Interesting quote, no?
JK Oct 30 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8
This was inspired partly by something JK wrote about how the membership number here should be capped at a certain point, and partly by LeD's Facebook thread, in which I very briefly brought up the "Network Effect."

For a briefing on what the Network Effect is: Network Effect.

I have seen the birth of MySatan and its decline. I have also seen the birth of S.I.N. and am seeing its decline. In both social networks I see the same patterns emerge.

There was a time with MySatan when membership was under or around 300-500 when MySatan was very productive. It generated a lot of quality content. There were quality exchanges between members/users. There was a feel of effectiveness to how MySatan worked.

But when MySatan's numbers went over 1000 that quality and effectiveness it once had to it began to decrease, until it just "died," meaning here that it's quality and effectiveness in exchange of information flatlined.

I saw the same basic patterning with S.I.N. In the early days when SIN user numbers were around ~500ish it was great. There were quality users, quality posts, effective quality exchanges. There was a 'potency' to SIN's system and dynamics.

But when SIN numbers went over 1000, 2000, and so on, the system's (SIN) effectiveness and quality gradually decreased, until SIN became what it is right now: a derpy ghost town haunted by trolls (just like MySatan was during its last year).

Basically the "Network Effect" says that the value (and quality) of a service or thing for a person is based on another's use of said service or thing (goods).

And so, the more users of a product/service/good there are, the more value, more effective the system becomes.

BUT, there comes a point where too many users causes what is called "congestion," which in turn actually causes a decrease in the value and effectiveness of a system.

The hypothesis I make here is that for the two Satanic social networks I have observed - namely MySatan and SIN - there seems to be a low threshold of user numbers where that if you go over this number, the social network decreases in value, quality, and effectiveness. In simply terms: 1000 users may be too much, unnecessary, and counterproductive.

With a large user population as 1000, the number of average minded users increases. Which in turn causes to arise an environment or condition for derpery. I've noticed that the more users (1000 plus) MySatan and SIN had, the stupider they became.

This may be something for CoD to think about over the months and years? What does CoD want to become? What direction is it moving in? And are huge numbers of users needed to get to that end destination?

I'm getting a feeling that there is a rough user population level around 300-500 where a social network thing like this hits maximal value/effective level as a system/network.

UserX Nov 16 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 43
Theistic, Atheistic, Polytheistic, Pantheistic, and now this shit, Antitheistic Satanism.  What the hell is with this shit stew of offshoots of prerequisite beliefs with Satan placed second to these conventions?  Is this really all that's done in the interest of advancement, placing differing standards to Satanism's foundation?

What purpose do all these subsections serve, other than rooting out the morons from the thinkers?  Couldn't that have been done without giving the retards a fair shot at answering "What does Satanism mean to YOU?".  Wouldn't the better question be, "What have you done in your life that defines you as a Satanist, and what wisdom have you gained from those deeds that can you share?"

Maybe I'm wrong about this, and the term Satanism is as arbitrary as the term Art.  I don't rant about this site in particular, it's just a reoccurring theme I've noticed across the web in general.  I just really can't see the value in all these istic Satanisms.

JasinElric Nov 24 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 23

Me:  Most men are utterly clueless about the inner mysteries of the Vagina.  .


Him:  It's a strange thing indeed but I've learned to Master it.


Me:  You really think so huh?  I doubt you know the inner workings of my Vagina.


Him:  Will you stop calling it a Vagina?  It sounds like some disease.


Me:  What would you rather call my Vagina?

Him:  Anything, a pussy, a cunt anything but a Vagina.


Me:  I see, so you rely (heavily) on the facticity of things, unless it doesn't appeal to your personal preference pallet?  Not using proper names for things is pandering to fantasy but the term Vagina is an exception to the rule is that it?  You would rather pander to your own fantasies?


Him:  No, you are putting words in my mouth!


Me:  Am I?  I could probably link up a dozen forum posts where you are lambasting other users for using personal terms and definitions because the truth is well, too harsh to accept.  That people prefer to romanticize and you find this utterly stupid.


Him:  I just don't like it.  It sounds gross.


Me:  What, like Gravity should be called pookie-puss because well, it just sounds better?


Here's a Facticity:

vagina (n.) , from Latin vagina "sheath, scabbard" (plural vaginae), from PIE *wag-ina- (cf. Lithuanian voziu "ro cover with a hollow thing"), from root *wag- "to break, split, bite." Probably the ancient notion is of a sheath made from a split piece of wood (see sheath). A modern medical word; the Latin word was not used in an anatomical sense in classical times. Anthropological vagina dentata is attested from 1908.



genital (adj.)
late 14c., in membres genytal
"the genitals," from Latin genitalis "pertaining to generation or birth" (also a by-name of the goddess Diana), from genitus, past participle of gignere "to beget" (see genus). As a noun meaning "sex organ" from mid-15c.


Him:  If you're calling me a hypocrite, you're wrong!


Me:  I am, your counter-argument is even less convincing than your argument against the Vagina.


[This dialogue represents a dramatization of a recent chat discussion]






SIN_JONES Dec 1 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 21 · Tags: poison apple radio
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