Virginians clash in Charlottesville from SIN_JONES's blog

20 year old plows into crowd, the media reporting is biased as usual.

The right claims the left threw the first punch. The car assault occurred after the protest was declared unlawful.  The sight of protestors carrying torches and signs really set it off.  Then Antifa showed up Saturday morning with their usual activity. This also set off protestors that claim they were just using words up to that point but Antifa acted out by throwing gas and spraying people in the face with pepper spray.

What's done is done. The kid from KY is now in the midst of a civil rights case. People are angry or depressed and calling it Trump's fault for emboldening groups to be more forthcoming with their motives.

Meanwhile, Mccauliffe is in denial mode over the presence of Pro-White groups based out of VA.  They've always been here, they haven't been chased out as he asserts.  They rarely participate in violent displays, there's always a mix up with Antifa.  Though, the message appears to be enough to paint them the villains.

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The Wall

Aug 20 '17
I still like her spunk. Truth doesn't require kindness or consideration of one's feelings.
Aug 21 '17
Vanessa, any thoughts on censuring approach?
Oct 10 '17
I love this so hard: since the whities were charged, why not the guy that threw the first blow and became a Martyr for the cause?I love this so hard: more
Oct 10 '17
^^^This is why context matters.
Oct 16 '17
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