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Rant Begin:

It started when the farm equipment demanded their inalienable rights. They got it, and were shuffled info segregated ghettos... Then that ended and reversed as a whole world of "equal opportunity" and advanced placement through affirmative action opened up... And still there's a ghetto. 


It's adaptive.

They are far less removed as a group from wearing towels, and seeing how much they can gauge their ears. In their genes they are still back... In their tribal communities with "rap" replacing whatever that drumming shit is and the stoop replacing the circle.

For centuries white culture was been one of trade and global commerce. Aristocracy is a cornerstone of white culture. "City living" (despite its black plague setbacks) has ingrained an ethic of needing to contribute to that commerce.

Contrast that with the "labor force" bought in a trade for sugar and guns. They were plucked like that stupid Bob Marley song says and put in a culture that thousands of years of adaptation did not prepare them for.  One can point to the knowledge of their roots here as their unwillingness to acclimate. Maybe it's anger... That their own tribal leaders were bought off by boom sticks and rum.

Fast forward:

Porch Monkeys. Some racial epithets have descriptive qualities and are even glorified in subculture.

 Safety. Safety in their tight knit dominos playing circle, safety in glorification of  dreaming of wasteful decadence, and a new flat screen to buy with their welfare money.... or obnoxious rims, gotta have those. Those same shiny western status symbols, like the aforementioned gun, still hold that same tribal stratification benefits.

Some other things contrast between white and black. Respect of property and others.

White Culture tends to have a code of "personal property", amassing things through proper channels, like working for it.

This is not much the case over in Africa. Where you can steal a nigger and cut her clit off or just take what you want and act like a super dominant monkey about it.

All jokes aside, there really is something to be said for why ghettos still exist, and it's not racial inequality as much as they aren't civilized enough to leave it, and would prefer to gets that bling and pop some nigga's...

End Rant...


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