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Sometimes when I practice martial arts it feels as if I am observing myself. As I throw the same punch for the ten thousandth time, the same kick over and over that I have practiced for years, it is as if these movements are happening through me, as if I was ‘meant’ to move this way. The same thing happens when I write, it is as if the words are being written through me rather than by me, another voice that is not my own.

 It seems almost natural to feel as if there is something else guiding me, my motions, my words, toward or from some purpose that is also not my own. Natural to the point that I GET it, yet still alien to me in the most emphatic sense of the word. 

The conscious mind is a blip on the radar when contrasted with the scale of what the brain, and the mind, are actually doing at any given time. I realize that my motions when I practice martial arts have set deeply into my muscle memory, the patterns set deeply in my brain, as the bit of my brain that part of ‘me’ is mapped to is gone over again and again, the neurons firing in the same order as the time before, and before, and before that. This creates a sense of ‘otherness’ in myself, as my conscious mind is required less and less as more is handled automatically by the mental and physical infrastructure brought about by constant, repetitive training. 

The same can be said when I write. It sometimes feels as if it is coming from ‘somewhere else’ because everything I write, the words, the order they are structured in, the rhetorical devices I might use, are all built of what I have written before, thought processes I have had before, and the current state of the complex web of patterns and ideas that comprise what I view to be ‘me’. Of course this ‘me’ is built of older patterns and ideas that have been refined or tossed aside, forever leaving their touch. The words come through me, from imprintations that run deeper than the narrow field of consciousness.

The abyss of the you that is not ‘you’ is deep. All we really have to work with at any given time is a sliver of consciousness, a microfraction of a live stream of data being mapped to our brain on a scale that would make any supercomputers metaphorical jaw drop to the floor. It’s all in there, it’s all ‘you’, yet mostly it is stuff you will never consciously remember or think about, but it’s there. This is the pool drawn from by the spiritualists and mystics of the world. 

It’s a false duality. The conscious mind, whether actor or observer, is simply a phenomenon we create. The complex machine we are is much more than our ego and our language to describe it, yet we sequester ourselves within our egos as we strive to put boundaries on our world, and in so doing creating a divide with the rest..the abyss that exists within us. 

Herein are where Gods pass on their revelations to their prophets, and herein is where the hereafter was born. The ‘other’ is simply ‘the rest’ once you close the gap, and truly realize the great lie of the Magi.

Culture is kind of like a blanket. From region to region, depending on the influence of a variety of factors including religion, family values, governmental policy, media influence(which are all interwoven) the blanket will differ in feel and fabric, yet wherever you go, it is there.

That blanket is what I like to call the nomos, or the sum total of the influence and coverage of that 'blanket' in any given region. Regardless of what individual views one might hold, or what psychological predisposition one might hold, both are woven into the nomos though ones proximity to it, and the fact that it can cover you to the extent that you can not see past it or though it. This blanket of nomos becomes a blanket of what is right/what is good, as the memetic nature of such nomian fabric is always self affirming. This is why we see things such as right and wrong, good and bad, placed into objective hardspots rather than being recognised as the arbitrary relatives they are.

The LHP, as I see it, holds a unique spot in this order, a tricky spot. If the nature of the LHP, as per the nastika/aghori is to break this nomian fabric that provides the soil for this self affirming dualism, how then do we interact with each other, which creates 'nomos' as byproduct? When too much of this 'nomos', these value hardpoints(think LaVey) seep into the very toolset for destroying these things, to what point can we honestly define what we are doing, categorically, as LHP?

From where I sit this has become pandemic. What is memetically recognised as Satanism has slowly subsumed as more and more nomian valuations have seeped in. We have those that would style themselves as 'Satanic' leaders offering us excuses en mass as to why we should obey, how we can 'use satanism' to better fit in to the prefabricated world set before us. We have 'Satanic spokesmen' telling us how rational self interest, which can be properly understood as a one size fits all excuse for inaction, is the highest 'Satanic value'. We have 'Satanic organizations' claiming laudability based on paying their taxes and obeying the prefabricated rules for allowing their existence. 

We have a whole generation of would-be's that are completely conflict averse, both unwilling and unable to evaluate their own positions critically because of some sense of entitlement to their views, as the stamp of egalitarianism leaves it's mark.

So what happens when the tool for breaking chains is itself replaced by a chain?

Are you a 'nomian Satanist'? Do you sit back and let the dead mouth of LaVey or his living, yet hollow echos speak for you?  Or do you challenge yourself, put yourself at odds with it, put yourself in danger from it, so that you might gain your own voice?

I've written plenty in the past about facing extreme challenges to your own psyche, in fact this is the overarching theme of ADM. Yet,there is another aspect to the LHP that is often given a nod of the head but seldom engaged directly, and often ignore outright..and this is pushing the boundaries of the more mundane aspects of existence.

Often it is said that there is no real sense in putting thought, time or effort into how one presents themselves on the web. After all it's just the web, it isn't the real world. Right? None of this matters, so why put out any real effort. So they say.

The same can apply, and does apply, to the 'real world'. Often I am surrounded by those that do the bare minimum to get by in any given situation, scrape past 'life lessons' without learning anything, doing things but never improving..not because they can't, but because they don't care. Why give 100% when 50% will do? So they say.

They coast through life on the path of least resistance, while they provide a support structure by making no demands of themselves, or of those around them. They facilitate mediocrity, and demonize those things which are hard, those things which take effort. They take pride in their failures, minimizing the importance of success, contextually speaking, and of improvement in general. 

They form control memes. 'obsessive', 'perfectionist', 'workaholic', while minimizing failure through memes like 'you did your best' and 'Well, I tried' when usually both are far from the truth. 

This is of course nothing new, as it describes the nomian plebe, the common man sitting on his hands waiting to die, but for the contemporary Left Hand Path, it is a sickness. A disease. 

This is why I personally feel little to no pity for those that dig their own graves though their lack of action or failure to take the reigns over their own situations. This is why I feel contempt when I see something written by one representing themselves as a Satanist that hasn't even been spell checked, or provides content that quite obviously has not been thought about, studied, or understood in even a peripheral way.

The fact that no effort has been put in seldom stops these sorts of 'nomian satanists' from expecting accolades for their phoned in efforts, nor does it stop the 'white knight' variety..which is basically the same nomian animal with an added sense of moral superiority, from trying to keep any stratification from happening. After all, demanding any sort of qualitative performance from those you surround yourself makes you an asshole, an elitist, or 'thinking you are better than everyone' 

Here's the thing, most of the time that is true. This isn't because I am smarter, or faster, or able to eat more hot dogs in a sitting than any Japanese gurgitator alive, but simply because I constantly strive to improve in everything I do, and I am sometimes successful. If I decide to do something, anything, it is with the intention of mastery. Self mastery, mastery of others, mastery of my environment. This isn't accomplished by mentally of physically sequestering ones self, but by facing the word and everything in it with full ferocity. 

People say this particular medium doesn't matter, that you don't get a full sense of a person here, and I agree. Yet, you can learn much by how one presents themselves in any medium. You see many here that through the years do not change at all, do not improve at all, make the same basic spelling errors and never seem to learn anything new.  These same people are generally the ones that talk about their Satanism existing not online, but 'in the real', yet I am always left to wonder..if these people can not even improve in a minor way, here, than how can anyone be expected to believe they are conducting serious satanism 'out there'? Should not all that 'sinister experience' out there show though some sort of trail of progression in ones words? In the fine tuning of their presentation, the streamlining of both the 'big stuff' and the details?

When you, dear reader, try to place yourself into this spectrum, where do you honestly find yourself?

A couple years back I had the privilege of being the co-host of 'The Ooze' for a while. What was the ooze you ask? For those that don't remember, the Ooze was a long running BTR show about Satanism hosted by our very own TC Downey.

During my tenure as his co-host, there was a day he could not make our usual Saturday appointment at 10AM, so I asked a Homie of mine to fill in. His nym was 'Mindfux', and that motherfucker was nothing less than brilliant.

The subject was 'the value of honour' and it seems that old show is still archived. I must say I have advanced a few steps since this dialogue, but I offer it for your consumption -

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Embrace evil! 


It is a popular idea within contemporary ‘Satanic’ circles that Satanism is 

widely misunderstood. It is told, and retold, that the devil isn’t such a bad 

guy, that he has been misapprehended and really only stands for self 

deification, liberation, a romantic antihero that represents a sort of stagnant 

rebellion for the mind. 


Within these circles the vanilla idea of morality is invariably upheld, whether 

it be a literal inversion of a christian paradigm or a sort of humanism with 

Satan as it’s mascot, those things regarded as wrong, or illegal, or immoral 

are still cast pejoratively by those that would take the devils name without 

playing his game. 


 Surely by rejecting the christian paradigm true liberation is achieved? 

Surely the laws of god are subject to scrutiny, but not so the laws of 

man..and any attempt to point out that these laws are in fact one and the 

same is largely ignored, an elephant in the room that is not to be paid any 



To ascribe any true rebellion, anything that takes place in the real world 

rather than mindspace to the devil is naught but a slur to these, something 

to be sneered down at from the dark spooky soap box that many would 

step up on. Satanists don’t break the law. Satanists are ‘good citizens’. 

Satanists are the good guys, for all intents and purposes. Even when 

disavowing the selectively attributed ‘good guy badge’, a careful and 

methodical selection of what is good and what is not is always foundational. 


To me, this sort of ‘safe’ and moral Satanism is nothing less than an affront, 

a joke, a pale shadow of the dark, antinomian and heterodox tradition the 

devil represents in the context of our predominant societal worldview. 

Satan is of the dark, but what is the dark anyway? To these armchair 

Satanists, comfortably couched within their magian morality, to embrace 

evil, or view Satan as the bogeyman that he has come to represent is 

somehow a misunderstanding. 


These sorts continually scoff as they live their mundane existences, the 

epitome of all that is adversarial in their own minds while casting scorn on 

the devils deeds. 

This sort of mindspace Satanism has become popular for one reason – it’s 

easy. Anyone can cast themselves as their own authority, and feel a warm 

fuzzy sense of superiority as they go about their day to day, 

indistinguishable in praxis from anyone else, completely convinced they are 

elite or above, that they are in fact the Übermensch. This sort of ‘Satanism’ 

requires a pacified, castrated vision of Satan,for this particular devil is all 

talk and no action, manifest as such by his would be disciples. 


It has been said that the devil is in his deeds. But what are the deeds of the 

devil? What is evil and what is the point of enshrining it, or pursuing it? Why 

step into the dark when the light is so abundant? This boils down to, of 

course, the nature of evil itself. 


Certain deeds will invariably be held as evil. To kill, to rape, to steal, or any 

other number of things that people would prefer to not suffer themselves 

are generally cast into this role. The golden rule, that article of philosophical 

reciprocity is the foundation of all white light morality stands at the center of 

this dichotomy, one that is upheld just as much by the contemporary 

‘Satanist’ as any other. But why should it be so? To accept this dichotomy 

is to accept limitation, and therein lay the crux of this issue. 


Satan, in its truest conceptual form, is the spirit of transcending limitation. 

The mythological Satan of judeo-nazarene mythology certainly did not 

accept the rules placed upon him, and further acted against them. The 

mythological Satan didn’t write endless long winded blogs about how 

heaven sucks while sucking off the celestial tit..nay..he took ACTION..he 

moved against the flow even though the odds were astronomically against 

him..even though defeat was certain. His path was self destructive, yet he 

chose it anyway. In this the devil, Satan, is the perfect representative for 

heterodox, antinomian left hand path tradition in its truest form. 


What is evil? The answer is simple..evil is personal limitation, first 

internalized and subsequently projected outwards. Evil is those things we 

are not allowed to do, moral abhorrencies, those things stalwartly 

demonized by the purveyors of nomos. Evil is what lay across the walled 

and guarded borders, within the abyss that most fear to even gaze into. 


To walk the devils walk, to do his deeds, is to scale that wall, to step off the 

edge and see how deep the abyss really is. This walk is surely the hardest 

road up the mountain, and offers no great reward for having done it. It holds 

no appeal for those that prefer the walls of their prison to a cold rainy 

night in the elements, and offers no comfort to those that prefer a soft bed 

to the cold ground. 


To embrace evil is to strive for, and past, the limitations placed upon you 

both by self and world, and by so doing to place yourself outside of the box, 

to make yourself a pariah, a demon..and to those without the intestinal 

fortitude, a pretender to the throne. 


For some though, with this dark insight into the devils character, it is known 

that his throne is of blood and bone, kept in a secret place, and what has 

been otherwise offered as his station is no more than a convenient mirage 

for those that would prefer to hover at the gates of the path than pass 

through them. 

This was the very first essay I wrote that became part of ADM. It is also very apropos to this forum, so here is something from 2007

The Fire.  Whenever there is any sort of heated conflict where people are gathered, there is generally someone that will try to diffuse the situation. Others will sit silently horrified, waiting for the storm to pass. Others yet will try to browbeat the one they see as being the cause of disturbing their ever so important peace and quiet. 

Generally, the consensus is that conflict is to be avoided.  This in my experience applies just as much to an internet forum as it does to flesh and blood situations. In most cases people that take a more aggressive approach to discussion are labelled as ‘trolls’ or shit disturbers, and while this is often the case, it is not always so.  

The line between attacking people and attacking ideas has been largely blurred in the minds of the many, so much that they have become one and the same. People ARE their opinions. Any sign of conflict is an automatic check in the negative column. Toeing the line of agreement has become a priority. Nobody is wrong, everyone is right. Every opinion is as good as another. Bullshit I say!  

So many carry around weak opinions that would quickly fold under scrutiny simply because it has become taboo to scrutinize the opinions of others. Hand in hand with the fact that most people never question their OWN beliefs or opinions, the net result is a lot of people with silly beliefs and ridiculous opinions that remain unchecked and unchallenged. 

 Knowledge is power, they say, and knowledge boils down to one question; What is truth? If we always endeavour to move towards truth we are also moving towards personal power. This is why I think Satanists, at the very least, should be smart enough to completely invert the paradigm. 

 By this I mean every opinion, every belief, every meme, every memory and feeling, should be analyzed, scrutinized, and challenged with as much intellectual honesty as you can muster. If an idea or opinion comes out lacking, it should be tossed aside like so much debris. On top of that, opinions that are subjected to the scrutiny of others should, to the intellectually honest, either emerge stronger or crumble away. A greater understanding of who you are and what you are about can emerge. What is left should be internally coherent and consistent, within your own mind at least. For every erroneous belief and opinion eliminated, a stronger and better ‘you’ emerges. For every idea that withstands the fires of scrutiny moves closer to truth, the power of knowledge. 

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