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The Charlottesville violence has brought out the best in us.  People are exceptional at coming together and drawing that line in the sand to do battle with evil forces.

We rally the armies of righteous indignation to wet our blades with the blood of our enemies and scream out in sanctimonious glee.  If you're not with us, you're against us and you will receive no quarter!

And so it goes on and on until we die. Death is the only true peace.

It is the nature of man to fight; to fight with nature, to fight with dark forces, to fight with himself.  Some put on a team jersey and are absorbed into someone else's conflict, while others take the reigns of the beast.

Only in the eternal struggle is there meaning.
Killing an idea takes more than destroying the system that houses it. The idea is dead when it is falls out of use. Some believe that not only is the system of Satanism decaying, but also that it is falling out of use.

The error in thinking here is that Satanism is an idea, religion, philosophy, or some other system of ideas.  The term Satanism is a description of a process, a state of being.  It doesn't require specific words, rituals, chants, artifacts, clothing, books, or organizations.

Satanism will die, but, even after every Satanist is dead, the spirit of Satan will burn on.

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