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Movers and Shakers are out there. They are moving their ideas to the forefront, and shaking things up.  It can be a tremble or an earthquake. The path beneath your feet will roll at a different pace and the path behind you seems rather tame by comparison of what lies ahead. 

I don’t care what you’ve been through. Any woe or accomplishment is nothing more than the building blocks of tomorrow. Some ideas are risky, and some risks are just worth taking. Taking a risk means that you’ll be met with opposition. It’s the spice of life! Otherwise you can keep at your boring life, hoping that something comes along to shake things up. 

What are you waiting for? Why are you living your life like a stick in the mud? Why are you waiting for the movers to wiggle you free? What stops you from moving and shaking yourself? 

Coming up with an idea isn’t as easy as it sounds. How many new ideas really come round anyway? Most ideas are completely unoriginal. This is why the pioneers are venerated like gods, they are heroes to the people. The people cry out to the ether and someone delivers. Whether the idea is good or bad is a matter of perspective, often times its an expression in hindsight. 

Leaders are chosen by their followers. A new idea is given momentum by the first of their kind. That’s all it really takes right? The first person to step up and support an idea. A hand full of people can be but a pebble wave in the pond, but can quickly rise a Tsunami with enough force. 

Watch out for those movers and shakers. They are coming to tear your present “reality” asunder! What you think you know now, could be turned upside down and land on its head. You think you know what’s really going on? Maybe you do, or maybe you’ve been following the wrong idea. Maybe you’ve been worshiping the wrong academic. Lest we forget a Scholar is a person that masters a field of study. How is that field tilled and by whom? What comes from the reaping? Who planted the first seeds? 

Facts change all the time, that precious data so coveted by devoted followers. When new information is introduced it can tear those facts to shreds. Then what? How easy is it to accept a new reality? How quickly do you throw out the old and welcome the new? Beliefs are man’s religion. And please, don’t tell me you are not a religious person. I know better. I see you holding to those ideas like the devoted little follower that you are. The church you attend is the temple in your head. The pews are the books you regard as the Holy Grail. It doesn’t matter much that you’ve been pushed hard by the movers, nothing will shake your faith in the ‘truth’. You keep the faith. 

Eventually, the levies will break and your whole world falls apart. The flood gates are opened and you are consumed by the Tsunami. Perhaps you’ve been too comfortable with your ideas, that losing them is like losing your religion. 

Every culture has a flood story. The most desolate regions pray for it. Look at you, on your knees being burned alive by the sun, praying for rain! Maybe you should stop groveling like a serf in another man’s kingdom. Get out there in the trenches with the movers and shakers! 

 Dare to think, for yourself.

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