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Of course, I never knew the man, but I do feel a bit of melancholy (?) over his passing. 

He was an example of how 'differentthought' is treated by the bleating sheep. 

Demonized, otherized, locked away - far too dangerous. 

Bring up the name in conversation, watch the reaction. Is it warranted? Even reasonable? 

I catch flack for playing my hand close to the vest. I see how they are though... those dull, glazed over (ever dismissive, ever dead) eyes. 

I learned much over the years (Yin and Yang) in sincere study (not facts, but meaning). 

Goodbye Hillbilly Prophet. 


Turns out I missed somewhat often interaction with some of you. 

It's nice to not have to start every. single. conversation at absolute ground zero. 

Don't have much more than that to say. I've grown accustomed to silence. 

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