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A reply to Entropic's blog: 'Satanism is Dead, Long Live Satan!'

For the lulz.

Satanism — via the medium of the internet — for those that found the 'subject' of interest, for those that wanted to learn about it in its different so-called branches, and for those that felt the need to self-proclaim themselves a 'Satanist', was, in my own opinion, at its apogee in 2011. In that year, when YouTube was cool and hadn't yet shot itself in the foot:-

You had JK in his prime uploading thought-provoking videos and his older ones were still popular and fresh in people's minds.

You had Zach Black with his drunken vlogs sucking Howie's maggot-infested cock and talking about drugs and orgone and shit (now, this isn't a dig. I actually find Zach entertaining).

You had Venger Satanis with his green slime and dumbbells.

You had Venus Satanas with her spiritual shit.

You had Styxhexenhammer666 with his modern/atheist/agnostic/pagan 'Satanism' (yeah, the dude just couldn't shit still).

And et al, some of which have since faded into obscurity.

All of whom were at their most popular, most prevalent in that year.

2011 seemed the best year for activity on both the 600 Club and SIN, too. So many peepz with big egos wanting a big 'name' trying to prove themselves. So many new ideas. So much fighting. So much butthurtery. So much slaughter! Those were the good ol' days for sure!

Post 2012, interest in Satanism — via the webz — started to dwindle, but only a little at first. Activity became less and less. People struggled to bring something new to the table. Some became passive. Some found other things to do.

When a big falling away happened on SIN in late 2013 was the start. But it wasn't until early 2015 when interest plummeted and tumbleweeds arrived at the door.


One reason amongst several, is that...

Liberalism and faggotry had climaxed! 

The conditioning of the masses by leftists in governments, schools, media, and other avenues, had taken full effect. 

More and more leftists, liberals, and other faggot snowflakes started to infiltrate Satanity and voice their opinions, claims of what Satanism is and isn't. They kicked out the dangerous, the adversarial and replaced them with, well, liberalism, egalitarianism and let's-hold-hands and shit. They took the lex out of Satanae; plucked the fangs from the mouth of the Wolf and fed him lentil soup. Their only angst and nemesis seemed to be the Nazarenes, while Muhammad fucked them up their asses. Fuck you, Lucien!

But, hey, Satanism was never about seeking popularity on the internet, talking about new ideas, nor solely focusing on living la dolce vita. The best Satanists I've met are those that don't feel the need to label themselves as Satanist or have never even heard of it, but are Satanic by nature — they are what they are and do what they do.

Also around the same time, a change had occurred in the Occident. Real life shit was taking place in Europe and North America. Western powers-that-be went full libtard and started accepting shitloads of Mudslimes from third world shitholes into their lands. 

Then Billy Boy, an average internet-Satanist — who is a white male who jerks off to LaVey — started to see his demographics change and his neighborhood turn to shit. The crime rate rocketed and he started to feel unsafe. His attention shifted from Satanism to the Alt-Right to feel secure.

Then lil Billy went through this phase:

- His 'I don't give a shit about the world because I'm an individualist and I hate tribalism' mentality crumbled.

- He began to believe that self-preservation included group-preservation now.

- He started watching a shitload of videos by various Alt-Rightists and hardcore National Socialists on YouTube.

- He comes to a conclusion that it's not just leftists destroying his society, but the masterminds behind it all are the Jews pulling the strings.

- He remembers the time when he thought LaVey was so fucking cool and his books were great; then gets enraged that he was duped by a kike.

- He starts to despise Satanism (not knowing what it ever was).

- He looks for another religion/spirituality/philosophy/path to follow, and either goes for plain atheism or something affinitive of his ancestry — usually something like a watered-down: Odinism, Odalism, Wotanism or some kind of Celtic paganism.

- He joins a few white nationalist websites.

But all lil Billy ever does is sit in front of his laptop and posts comments moaning about the woes of multiculturalism and his hatred for leftists, liberals and the Jews. He never once makes an effort to find a suitable white female irl to procreate with.


- The inundation of leftism/liberalism in Satanism is putting people off and driving people away.

- Rightism is the new cool shit.

- Internet-Satanism was only ever for fags.

If the 'real Satan' is amoral, surely he's apolitical, too.

The_Joker Yesterday, 14:14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: lulz, internet-satanism is for fags, you are what you are
Hi CoD,

I came across this site via a link that was posted on some dude's video, where he films his carpet and talks about random shit.

Anyhouse, give me some time to get familiar with each one of your weaknesses, vulnerabilities and what bait to use, and I'll be ready in no time to start fishing.

Catch ya later, toodle-oo!

The_Joker Dec 13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5 · Tags: getting ready, casting net, fried cod with tartar sauce
Of course, I never knew the man, but I do feel a bit of melancholy (?) over his passing. 

He was an example of how 'differentthought' is treated by the bleating sheep. 

Demonized, otherized, locked away - far too dangerous. 

Bring up the name in conversation, watch the reaction. Is it warranted? Even reasonable? 

I catch flack for playing my hand close to the vest. I see how they are though... those dull, glazed over (ever dismissive, ever dead) eyes. 

I learned much over the years (Yin and Yang) in sincere study (not facts, but meaning). 

Goodbye Hillbilly Prophet. 


fnord Nov 20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 10

Rant Begin:

It started when the farm equipment demanded their inalienable rights. They got it, and were shuffled info segregated ghettos... Then that ended and reversed as a whole world of "equal opportunity" and advanced placement through affirmative action opened up... And still there's a ghetto. 


It's adaptive.

They are far less removed as a group from wearing towels, and seeing how much they can gauge their ears. In their genes they are still back... In their tribal communities with "rap" replacing whatever that drumming shit is and the stoop replacing the circle.

For centuries white culture was been one of trade and global commerce. Aristocracy is a cornerstone of white culture. "City living" (despite its black plague setbacks) has ingrained an ethic of needing to contribute to that commerce.

Contrast that with the "labor force" bought in a trade for sugar and guns. They were plucked like that stupid Bob Marley song says and put in a culture that thousands of years of adaptation did not prepare them for.  One can point to the knowledge of their roots here as their unwillingness to acclimate. Maybe it's anger... That their own tribal leaders were bought off by boom sticks and rum.

Fast forward:

Porch Monkeys. Some racial epithets have descriptive qualities and are even glorified in subculture.

 Safety. Safety in their tight knit dominos playing circle, safety in glorification of  dreaming of wasteful decadence, and a new flat screen to buy with their welfare money.... or obnoxious rims, gotta have those. Those same shiny western status symbols, like the aforementioned gun, still hold that same tribal stratification benefits.

Some other things contrast between white and black. Respect of property and others.

White Culture tends to have a code of "personal property", amassing things through proper channels, like working for it.

This is not much the case over in Africa. Where you can steal a nigger and cut her clit off or just take what you want and act like a super dominant monkey about it.

All jokes aside, there really is something to be said for why ghettos still exist, and it's not racial inequality as much as they aren't civilized enough to leave it, and would prefer to gets that bling and pop some nigga's...

End Rant...
DefaultNamesake Oct 29 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
Why do you think he hates me so much?  

...You can't Unknow the Truth.

Why do you believe his RETCON?

...All this time you've been his Pawn.

Back in those days, newbie praise.

...Do you read Lavey?

Please SIN JONES...

Can I call you on the phone?

I beg you...

I need you...

You're so pretty.

I really like your Acronym, 

Did I spell that right?

You can't unknow the Truth

SIN_JONES Oct 26 · Comments: 9 · Tags: sin jones, zach black, truth
I was actually thinking about you lot over the summer, and just how many years of my life was spent conversing with some of you. Fun times. Drama filled, but it was fun. Regardless, it would be a lie if I said it didn't influence a significant part of my late twenties to early thirties. Some of you really lit a fire in me, and I only realised when I came back to check it out...

...and would you believe it was up and running again.

I would have called that shit "sinister" years ago. Now I just call it a coincidence.

So, I am glad nobody has snuffed it.

*Edited due to chronic marijuana induced mong face*

Mr_Scare Oct 12 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5
Turns out I missed somewhat often interaction with some of you. 

It's nice to not have to start every. single. conversation at absolute ground zero. 

Don't have much more than that to say. I've grown accustomed to silence. 

fnord Oct 9 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 10
A little over a year ago, I said good riddance to Austin. I wanted out so bad, I felt like chucking a nuke over my shoulder and watching the entire rotten city light up in a mushroom cloud from my rear view mirror.

Between it being a college town and the center of a tech bubble, there were three major things I hated about the place.

One, the cost of living was downright obscene. So many people moved in over such a short period of time that rent skyrocketed. A shoebox with shitty plumbing and a crumbling foundation is $1500.00 a month in Austin.

Two, the unemployment is ridiculous. The area is glutted with the overqualified and people who need to get away but can't afford to move. There are licensed professional engineers waiting tables. It takes five years' experience to get a job mopping the floor.

It was only when I met my husband, from Houston, that I even realized this was a boomtown effect. I just thought it was nigh near impossible to get a job. I didn't even realize there were other places where you could just walk into a job. That was unreal to me.

Three, fucking liberals. Holy shit, every day there was a new nanny-state law. Ban everything that isn't biodegradable! Ban innovative new technology even if it has caused no problems because capitalism is evil, so there must be something wrong with it! The prevalent culture was suffocating, a pissing contest of privilege-checking and self-flagellation.

I was sick of it. I couldn't take it anymore. That city was crushing me. It was fucking ridiculous, busting my ass just to scrape by and be lectured about how privileged I was for it, all the fucking time. I snapped. I said, fuck that shit.

I applied for jobs everywhere, hoping to get hired somewhere in Texas, anywhere but Austin. Sure enough, I did. I waltzed right into a job making three times more than I ever did in Austin, steady and consistent, with fucking insurance and hour-long lunches and shit. It seemed surreal. I never had anything like that before. At first, I was ecstatic.

I didn't mind at all that my new job was in the panhandle. Yeah, the entire area smells like cow shit. (Seriously, go outside and it smells like you rammed your head up a cow's ass.) Yeah, you can drive for 90 minutes straight without so much as a gas station. Yeah, the population is 65% tweakers and 95% jesus freaks (there's an overlap).

But I raved about the reasonable rent and the lack of traffic. As a coworker said, "Who cares if there's nothing going on here?" (And there isn't.) "I have internet access. I'm good."

I thought I was good, too. I was wrong. I'm going mad.

I miss having people. I miss knowing people. I miss being able to talk to and hang out with people I actually liked.

My husband warned me I would. I said fuck it, I'm a misanthropic introvert. I don't even like people. People can fuck off.

But then, there were my people. There were the friends who affectionately gave me a hard time, that pushed me to push myself. There were the people I struggled with, who I grew closer to for sharing that struggle. There were the drunken hook-ups, the inside jokes, the fond memories, the quirky art, the shared open defiance of how much we all hated that town and loved each other.

I don't have that anymore.

I have my husband, and he has me, and day after day we wear on each other's nerves because we are each all the other has, and no one can be everything to someone else. When someone is the one and only person one can confide in, every little difference becomes more pronounced, drives you more and more apart, because there is no one else to fill those gaps.

The people here...they try to be nice. They reach out. They really do. But it only makes me feel more alone, because they are nothing like me. We are from different worlds. We're not operating on the same plane of reality.

I've been indulging in nostalgia, more and more and more. I've been pulling away from life. My memories, my fantasies, my dreams of going back to the way things were are more colorful and vivid. Reality seems bleak and cloudy and grey.

Things can never be as they were. I am not the only person who ran screaming from Austin. Half the people I knew in Austin left as I did, but now they're all over different parts of the globe. I think there's a bigger geographical spread between my former Austin friends than there is on this site.

And the few that remained? Their existence serves as a stark reminder of why I left, in case I am tempted to return. And they are lonely, too, because everyone else got out, and now they are struggling in isolation.

And even when I was in Austin, those precious memories were few and far between. When your twelve friends have one car between them and everyone is broke, fuck if we found much time or money to hang. Half of the fond memories are tainted with the sting of knowing that when you invited a friend to see that midnight showing of that indie flick at the Alamo with you, it turned out he was being evicted, and you felt guilty for trying to have a good time.

But this place is grinding me into a fine ash.

I traded one set of problems for another, and I can't even go back. There isn't even anything to go back to.

XiaoGui17 Oct 3 · Comments: 10
Well hello again. Nice to see everyone is still alive. Should you wonder why I am here? Well, I won't be on here much. Regardless of who likes who or not we are part of the same school. I have to many irons in the fire to contribute here. 

In all reality just curious. I stopped posting on the 600 because of the mob mentality. Hopefully " Under New Management " is not the same as the last and this place will not spiral down like the last site. 

ZachBlack Aug 20 · Comments: 13
The Charlottesville violence has brought out the best in us.  People are exceptional at coming together and drawing that line in the sand to do battle with evil forces.

We rally the armies of righteous indignation to wet our blades with the blood of our enemies and scream out in sanctimonious glee.  If you're not with us, you're against us and you will receive no quarter!

And so it goes on and on until we die. Death is the only true peace.

It is the nature of man to fight; to fight with nature, to fight with dark forces, to fight with himself.  Some put on a team jersey and are absorbed into someone else's conflict, while others take the reigns of the beast.

Only in the eternal struggle is there meaning.
Entropic Aug 17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: othering, team sports, witch hunt, charlottesville
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