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Necromancy will be used to describe a particular set; drawing a minor relative reference to its established understandings. The descriptor, Necromancy was chosen due to its association to ‘invocation’ of (working of) past/alternate spirits. It is should be easily concluded that, we are drawing upon its synonymous interchangeability with ‘nigromancy’; meaning ‘black divination’; at least upon the completion of this text. It should be understood, that there is a special context in which ‘invocation’, ‘spirit’, ‘divination’, and other such ‘hot’ words are used . They will always be distinguished by ‘ ‘, as to continually build the context in which they are understood.

I offer no apologies for the institution of specialized language within this/or any other text produced by me. Put simply, it is the nature of language; that words adopt contextualized meaning. Language is a peculiar phenomenon, by its own nature both evolving and esoteric. It is in our very use that we find a vergence . It can be demonstrated that the right set of words, used at the right point in time; can ‘invoke ‘ (open) a channel of understanding in both the conscious, and subconscious often triggering action. There are those that would argue against the merits of N.L.P., hypnotism, and psychology (and whatever else fits into this category of science) as pseudosciences. Yet the proven effectiveness of advertising alone, makes small work of the matter. Reflecting upon, the recent national election ; I am convinced strung together the right way, (no matter the bullshit associated with) words hold power. That ladies and gents, is the key to ‘invocation’ nut-shelled.

‘Spirit’ is a dirty word these days. Which conjures up thoughts of the ‘supernatural’, mystical, and ghostly phenomena. For most these days, those are a hard pill to swallow. Since there is virtually no empirical evidence to substantiate Substance Dualism, this is understandable. This IS NOT the state of what I have imagined ‘spirit’ would be, it has been my understanding that ‘spirit’ was in interchangeable with ‘intensity’. Yet I cannot stress the peculiarity of the sense, I am describing. I contend to be in the ‘spirit’; simply means to manifest traits with intensity.

When you have school ‘spirit’, you emulate characteristics thought to represent that school. When a debate is ‘spirited’; it is because the arguing position’s intensity, gives it ‘spirit’. When your ‘spirits’ are high, we are talking about manifesting an emotional state that is intensely euphoric. If understood properly, it is describing a psycho-transformative state of a physical material. When I more properly examine it, it seems to hold qualities comparable to a ‘possession’. ‘Spirit’ seems to be acted through or itself acts through.

I then can understand where the muddling of ‘spirit’ moves into a ‘super natural’ stigma. A disciplined mind can make the distinction; we are not describing a non-material thing. Rather we are isolating a state/force enacting on a material thing for the purposes of examination, discussion, and enaction. No bogey-men required. Given you accept the premises laid out in the above few paragraphs; ‘Invoking’ the ‘spirit’ of Satan is calling for an intense manifestation of traits thought to represent Satan.

From this we are beckoned the question of why; why ‘invoke’ the ‘spirit’ of Satan? Why ‘invoke’ any ‘spirit’ at all? ‘Divination’ is the answer that firmly resounds to these ‘considerations’. Traditionally ‘divination’ is understood as the use of ‘super natural’ means to find out about the future or the unknown. This definition is deceptive to our conventional senses. What is deemed as ‘super natural’, is often accompanied with a spooky ghostly context; occurring outside the natural order. I contend, nothing can occur outside of the natural order. Even if we construct our model from a traditional scenario, within which we propose a haunting; it still verges within the natural order. I realize this is a plea on The Alchemy, but The Necromancy is not exclusive. The Alchemy tells us all things emerge within the natural order, exist as a transformative vergence; which is interconnected . So why do we in this one occurrence, assume a pejorative correlation to super? Am I mistaken to the paramount qualities of something super? Accepting the traditional understanding of ‘divination’ ; does this not mean the use of predominant, prime, supreme, and key means to finding out the future or unknown? To paraphrase Gurdjieff, one of my main influences; words truly only mean one thing. Words like other tools (means) of man’s design, when studied, understood, and practiced can become ‘super natural’.

Tonight’s word means ‘black divination’ ; Necromancy. ‘Black’ because unlike The Alchemy which seeks purification (simplification) through transmutation, it seeks absorption (complexification) through consumption. Necromancer’s seek to add to their field of influence, assimilation provides a rational means to this end. Not to simply “find out” the future or unknown, but to hold influence over them. To that effect, The Necromancer is a ‘black art’.

“I would like to see the concept of divination more correctly defined. Divination is often assumed to be a quest for information about the future. Rather, it is a quest simply for information, with which the person equipped can design the future.” – Jason Sorrell

An Alchemist’s aim is take something commonplace, and make it rare. Which in the end, alludes to all things having the potential to be rare. Necromancy has a different idea entirely.

In my discussion of ‘invocation’, I pointed to the idea, “words have power”. I hinted to the idea that, by understanding its meaning, relations, and intensities; you steadily tune the ability to wield it. Thereby essentially further complexifying the field of influence. As the intensification reaches iconic proportions, an embodiment of ‘spirit’ is recognizable. It is the ‘possession’ of/by this ‘spirit’ in which, The Necromancer; craft manifests.The Necroma


Agios o Baphomet! Agios o Baphomet!

I have a bit of a confession to make. I suppose here is as good of a place as any. What I have to say here is this, I am and always have been mystically inclined; despite my lack of ignorance to the potential of peril in its line of thinking. My eyes see the world around me as one living thing. When I close them, if I didn’t know better; I swear I could hear the universe pulsing. My skin does this strange thing as I feel the airs passing between spaces, though I cannot explain it; it as if I can sense the disposition of the elements surrounding me. In the same way, I am often alerted to other presences in my general vicinity. To worsen matters, for as long as I can remember; I have always experienced a distinct sense of purpose. First when I was younger, I rationalized this as being predestined for something ‘greater’. As I grew older, my views shifted to it being more likely I held some function; that in fact, we all serve some function.

Perhaps this notion, could be something as fantastically romantic as; a charging coil in some abstract machine ruled reality. I sometimes entertain my mind with some epic saga of conquest and destiny. What becomes most interesting to me, is that my self induced delusions are never those of grandeur or glory. Nothing noble, no stride to save humanity. I think this speaks volumes, when contrasted with an understanding that; every event in my life has seemed to be pushing me in a way that, I could only be who I’ve become. Is Fate the seductress undeniable? Might it be I’ve always enjoyed the liberty of choice? Do I choose piety to the gods of probability and determination?

I can honestly say, that which has already transpired; has shaped the essence I bare to date. Defiance, transgression, honour, and aggression; are but a few of my virtues. I know the events that attributed to their dominance within me. As long as I can remember, I have looked to the splendor of flesh and bone. For all that man is, I marvel at its manifestation; man so vainly, failing miserably. No creature is born so wickedly cunning and insidious; to believe itself so above its environment, and yet cry for the carnage it leaves in its wake.

“A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.” – Turkish Proverb

Bravery means to dare or defy. This isn’t a passive action, this is an act of ferocity, brutality, and fearlessness. This is why our comparison is made to the lion. Lions are unforgiving and deliberate in their transgressions. Men can be much more ‘brave’ then lions. As a child I watched Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom a lot; it was beautiful to watch the lion take down its prey. Yet it held no more horror, than the autumn harvest being reaped.

Which brings me now to the reaping. Legends say there once was a Black Son who harvested an entire ‘Golden Age’ by the castration of his father. The Black Son represents an aeon so primal, fertile, and in many regards by today’s standards would be consider corrosive. For the Slyman though, it reveals itself an enlightenment of Vindex. This was the time of the first Titans, destined to be usurped and swallowed back up by the same darkness they sought to illuminate. During those days, ordinary men trembled under the unspeakable terrors that seemed to permeate all of existence, but extraordinary men reached deep into the fertile terrifying corrosion carving from it; embracing the enlightenment  of Aeonic Calling. They were the first Titans. They gave rise to gods, which in turn gave rise to more Titans that then gave rise to more gods; each marks an Aeon. Through the presence of the darkness, by drunken indulgence in the very essence of life; the Titans embraced the calling, and reaped their plunder. Essentially redefining what we are capable of as human. That is why they were Titans. That is why we ourselves must become Titans.


Rats called men scamper through their mazes looking for that ever so tempting curd of happiness.  Their myopic vantage affords them nothing more than a predisposition to striving for temporary satiation.

Far from being the end-all be-all, achieving happiness is nothing more than chasing the dragon. Such a fleeting state of mind cannot serve as the end goal any more than heroin intoxication, no matter how damn good it feels. Happiness is a side note, a by-product. To be happy is nary man's purpose.

The eternal purpose of man is to struggle to the grave having achieved some form of glory, or not.  Even glory fades over time, leaving only the struggle as a constant.

To live is to struggle and to struggle is to live. This is the law only abolished by an inevitable death. Even striving to overcome death requires the frigid embrace of a never-ending struggle rife with suffering and lightly peppered with small injections of happiness.

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If you're a human being, chances are you've done something or participated in something that detriments another human being. It's a fact that people tend to do fucked up and terrible things to each other. It is in our nature.

I, like many people, have done things to other people that benefitted me, yet harmed those people. From my perspective, I did nothing wrong, since it so obviously benefitted me. I'm certain this can be said about anyone, especially in circles where "Might is Right" is parroted ad nauseam. Likewise, I've received similar treatment from other people over the course of my life.

There is nothing 'right' or 'wrong' about this behavior, but to stop there would be to take a superficial look at social dynamics. Indeed, human beings do not live in a vacuum. Everything that a person does has consequences. For me, what this all really boils down to is responsibility for one's actions and honor.

Seeing as human beings are social creatures it's worth pointing out that people naturally form groups of like-minded individuals. Ideally, each individual of the group is capable of helping themselves by helping the group. We can call this rational self-interest. At the same time, stratification will also manifest. This is also another fact of our nature.

Some may argue that stratification allows for a member of the group to compromise another member of the same group.  Of course, the problem with this is it's not necessarily in the rational self-interest of an individual to dissolve tribal cohesion. Indeed, it is quite irresponsible and reflects a lack of honor.

This isn't to say members should hold each other's hands.  The manifestation of stratification in such a context would actually be a social pecking order. To subvert a member of your group in this context would entail taking responsibility for that action rather than slink around like an honor-less coward.  If one is not strong enough move up the chain by their own merit, they simply don't deserve it.In another hypothetical scenario, let's assume a group has encountered an outsider. The outsider claims to resonate with the tribe and wants to participate. However, if the outsider fails to demonstrate the same kind of honor that is required for tribal cohesion, it is wise to dispose of them. In fact, I'd argue that the result should be the same for anyone who demonstrates their mundanity, whether they be an insider or not.

At the end of the day, everyone does things that harms other people for their own benefit. Again, there is nothing 'right' or 'wrong' about it. The difference between those I call my own and those I call mundane is the ability to take responsibility for one's actions. It doesn't matter to me if you call yourself a Satanist, or not. What shows me that someone is a mundane is their inability to own their actions. In my mind, this is especially egregious when one openly purports to be one of my own kind.

In my book, I give people 1 chance to prove they are worth having around. Once you have proven your worthlessness, I will no longer extend honor to you.

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Embrace evil! 


It is a popular idea within contemporary ‘Satanic’ circles that Satanism is 

widely misunderstood. It is told, and retold, that the devil isn’t such a bad 

guy, that he has been misapprehended and really only stands for self 

deification, liberation, a romantic antihero that represents a sort of stagnant 

rebellion for the mind. 


Within these circles the vanilla idea of morality is invariably upheld, whether 

it be a literal inversion of a christian paradigm or a sort of humanism with 

Satan as it’s mascot, those things regarded as wrong, or illegal, or immoral 

are still cast pejoratively by those that would take the devils name without 

playing his game. 


 Surely by rejecting the christian paradigm true liberation is achieved? 

Surely the laws of god are subject to scrutiny, but not so the laws of 

man..and any attempt to point out that these laws are in fact one and the 

same is largely ignored, an elephant in the room that is not to be paid any 



To ascribe any true rebellion, anything that takes place in the real world 

rather than mindspace to the devil is naught but a slur to these, something 

to be sneered down at from the dark spooky soap box that many would 

step up on. Satanists don’t break the law. Satanists are ‘good citizens’. 

Satanists are the good guys, for all intents and purposes. Even when 

disavowing the selectively attributed ‘good guy badge’, a careful and 

methodical selection of what is good and what is not is always foundational. 


To me, this sort of ‘safe’ and moral Satanism is nothing less than an affront, 

a joke, a pale shadow of the dark, antinomian and heterodox tradition the 

devil represents in the context of our predominant societal worldview. 

Satan is of the dark, but what is the dark anyway? To these armchair 

Satanists, comfortably couched within their magian morality, to embrace 

evil, or view Satan as the bogeyman that he has come to represent is 

somehow a misunderstanding. 


These sorts continually scoff as they live their mundane existences, the 

epitome of all that is adversarial in their own minds while casting scorn on 

the devils deeds. 

This sort of mindspace Satanism has become popular for one reason – it’s 

easy. Anyone can cast themselves as their own authority, and feel a warm 

fuzzy sense of superiority as they go about their day to day, 

indistinguishable in praxis from anyone else, completely convinced they are 

elite or above, that they are in fact the Übermensch. This sort of ‘Satanism’ 

requires a pacified, castrated vision of Satan,for this particular devil is all 

talk and no action, manifest as such by his would be disciples. 


It has been said that the devil is in his deeds. But what are the deeds of the 

devil? What is evil and what is the point of enshrining it, or pursuing it? Why 

step into the dark when the light is so abundant? This boils down to, of 

course, the nature of evil itself. 


Certain deeds will invariably be held as evil. To kill, to rape, to steal, or any 

other number of things that people would prefer to not suffer themselves 

are generally cast into this role. The golden rule, that article of philosophical 

reciprocity is the foundation of all white light morality stands at the center of 

this dichotomy, one that is upheld just as much by the contemporary 

‘Satanist’ as any other. But why should it be so? To accept this dichotomy 

is to accept limitation, and therein lay the crux of this issue. 


Satan, in its truest conceptual form, is the spirit of transcending limitation. 

The mythological Satan of judeo-nazarene mythology certainly did not 

accept the rules placed upon him, and further acted against them. The 

mythological Satan didn’t write endless long winded blogs about how 

heaven sucks while sucking off the celestial tit..nay..he took ACTION..he 

moved against the flow even though the odds were astronomically against 

him..even though defeat was certain. His path was self destructive, yet he 

chose it anyway. In this the devil, Satan, is the perfect representative for 

heterodox, antinomian left hand path tradition in its truest form. 


What is evil? The answer is simple..evil is personal limitation, first 

internalized and subsequently projected outwards. Evil is those things we 

are not allowed to do, moral abhorrencies, those things stalwartly 

demonized by the purveyors of nomos. Evil is what lay across the walled 

and guarded borders, within the abyss that most fear to even gaze into. 


To walk the devils walk, to do his deeds, is to scale that wall, to step off the 

edge and see how deep the abyss really is. This walk is surely the hardest 

road up the mountain, and offers no great reward for having done it. It holds 

no appeal for those that prefer the walls of their prison to a cold rainy 

night in the elements, and offers no comfort to those that prefer a soft bed 

to the cold ground. 


To embrace evil is to strive for, and past, the limitations placed upon you 

both by self and world, and by so doing to place yourself outside of the box, 

to make yourself a pariah, a demon..and to those without the intestinal 

fortitude, a pretender to the throne. 


For some though, with this dark insight into the devils character, it is known 

that his throne is of blood and bone, kept in a secret place, and what has 

been otherwise offered as his station is no more than a convenient mirage 

for those that would prefer to hover at the gates of the path than pass 

through them. 

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This was the very first essay I wrote that became part of ADM. It is also very apropos to this forum, so here is something from 2007

The Fire.  Whenever there is any sort of heated conflict where people are gathered, there is generally someone that will try to diffuse the situation. Others will sit silently horrified, waiting for the storm to pass. Others yet will try to browbeat the one they see as being the cause of disturbing their ever so important peace and quiet. 

Generally, the consensus is that conflict is to be avoided.  This in my experience applies just as much to an internet forum as it does to flesh and blood situations. In most cases people that take a more aggressive approach to discussion are labelled as ‘trolls’ or shit disturbers, and while this is often the case, it is not always so.  

The line between attacking people and attacking ideas has been largely blurred in the minds of the many, so much that they have become one and the same. People ARE their opinions. Any sign of conflict is an automatic check in the negative column. Toeing the line of agreement has become a priority. Nobody is wrong, everyone is right. Every opinion is as good as another. Bullshit I say!  

So many carry around weak opinions that would quickly fold under scrutiny simply because it has become taboo to scrutinize the opinions of others. Hand in hand with the fact that most people never question their OWN beliefs or opinions, the net result is a lot of people with silly beliefs and ridiculous opinions that remain unchecked and unchallenged. 

 Knowledge is power, they say, and knowledge boils down to one question; What is truth? If we always endeavour to move towards truth we are also moving towards personal power. This is why I think Satanists, at the very least, should be smart enough to completely invert the paradigm. 

 By this I mean every opinion, every belief, every meme, every memory and feeling, should be analyzed, scrutinized, and challenged with as much intellectual honesty as you can muster. If an idea or opinion comes out lacking, it should be tossed aside like so much debris. On top of that, opinions that are subjected to the scrutiny of others should, to the intellectually honest, either emerge stronger or crumble away. A greater understanding of who you are and what you are about can emerge. What is left should be internally coherent and consistent, within your own mind at least. For every erroneous belief and opinion eliminated, a stronger and better ‘you’ emerges. For every idea that withstands the fires of scrutiny moves closer to truth, the power of knowledge. 

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