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JK Oct 31 '13
If you could have any single question answered infallibly, what question would that be?

And given that this is a thread on the philosophy board, I expect far more than simple responses.

as usual, I'll answer after five.

Hatepeach Oct 31 '13
I would ask for the ability to "see" the infinite trajectories which my life might have taken had I made different decisions.  A panoramic view of my time-body from the fifth dimension. 
DivineMonkey Oct 31 '13
Well, since it'd be only a single question, I'd ask "By what means could one maintain the state of no mind permanently ?"

thedeadidea Oct 31 '13
Honestly omniscience would be my question or a fool proof method to attain it. But I'd be a fool to ask it if Jack asked it and we all heard the answer before hand. I would want to listen to the answers given and then decide on my question which would be how to acquire the means to pursue all previously asked questions here. (After several people already went)

Particularly if the answer given involved excavating out half a mountain out of Tibet or something to seek to discover some lost object or whatever. If it was one question per head I'd want to negotiate/communicate with all those present to ask so that instead of one question each we more or less get the combined number of total number of heads and the means to pursue each answers course. 

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Interrogist Oct 31 '13
I seriously think everyone here has dodged JKs question. Did you guys see what he said?
Quote from JK If you could have any single question answered infallibly, what question would that be?
He said what QUESTION would you have answered, however most of you answered with; "I'd just be all powerful"...?

Mr_Scare Oct 31 '13
This is actually a very tough question.

Do I seek to have a question answered that will ruin the mystery and intrigue for me? "Are Ghosts real?"

Do I ask a question that involves my past, which I can never change? This may torment me, for the rest of my life. Knowing life could be better, if I had chosen different paths.

Do I ask a question that involves my future, which I can change? This would ruin the element of risk, the fun of finding a path and trampling along a rock road in which you have no idea where you will end up.

Do I ask a question that will guarantee me wealth, riches and fame if I knew the answer to it? This may grant me riches beyond my wildest dreams, but will it make me happy...or again, will it torment me?

Or do I simply ask "Is God real?" ? I think this kind of question is really rather dangerous. I do not want to know, I much prefer living in ignorance, and pleading this ignorance when Gabriel asks me "Why were you a heretical cunt when you were alive?"

SO, in all honesty I think I would honestly ask this...and isn't particularly special.

"How do I rid myself of guilt, so that I can move on without the burden of this guilt weighing me down?"

voidritual Oct 31 '13
My question would be "Who is answering my question?"
CanisMachina Oct 31 '13

For all above questions the answer is 42. :)


Anyway... I would like to know what proceeded our universe's existence. Did we emerge from nothingness? Did a membrane collision bring the universe into being? Is it cyclical? What existed (if anything) before the 'big bang'?


Edit*  I feel having this question answered could solve many other unknowns that extend into the philosophical, metaphysical, and scientific realms.


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thedeadidea Oct 31 '13
Quote from Interrogist I seriously think everyone here has dodged JKs question. Did you guys see what he said?
Quote from JK If you could have any single question answered infallibly, what question would that be?
He said what QUESTION would you have answered, however most of you answered with; "I'd just be all powerful"...?

1. Where is your answer to the question ? 

2. How is it I or others did not answer the question ?
3. The thread is open ended and promises an infallible answer to a question... given such an unlikely event occuring I would pursue the opportunity to become god-like, and I considered such a motive to be self evident. 4. I would also change my question based on what others asked as I would see little need to ask the same question twice, lest it be for clarification. 5. In truth I believe questions of reason to be changable one could say this.... or one could say that.... Because I believe that I would be more likely to ask for the winning lotto number than say the reason of life for two reasons. a) questions presuppose premises of knowledge within the context of them being asked. e.g. What is the meaning of life ? Presupposes there is a meaning to life b) What is truly in itself infallible is fact not opinion hence asking something capable of infallibility to concern itself with an activity centered on conjecture is a squandered opportunity.  
Most people realized this and hence sought to acquire something beyond their current means or possession. How could it possibly be more straightforward than that ?

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Nith Oct 31 '13

Jason I enjoy your twists and turns even if I can't keep up with most of them but this one screams double edged blade to me.

To have any question answered infallibly (even if only in the mind of the person answering) it would still only be an opinion of one side, one view.

thedeadidea Oct 31 '13
The entire point of reason in knowledge and hermeneutics is an agreed upon set of standards. The infallibility simply refers to that which is not false i.e. is true. It offers no sustenance to a claim of quality of answer therein. 

I could for instance take  Matthews question of hermeneutics. The self evident answer would involve a capacity of shared language and the conscious capacity to have an opinion or interpretation therein. The hermeneutics of literature for instance function on the basis of being the reader. The answer would be infallible in the substantiation of fact based on the context of the question, the thesis however would hardly be ground breaking. 

If you asked for a specific lotto next winning numbers these you would find more useful in an infallible answer being offered. They can only either be right or wrong given the context of the question and more immediately rewarding if said answer could be provided. 

I assume of course this is what infallible means, as god supposedly is infallible but then why would even believers be confronted with 'the problem of evil ?' 

Truth capital T can be argued to exist to answer questions in a perscriptive sense by definition, it is true you need internet access to utilize a web page. It is True that magnesium combusts in the air to produce magnesium oxide. These things are true in the context the question and answer are offered in. This Truth however is insufficient for what it is to be human and to some degree completely temporal in nature. 

I would be interested to see how one what one would ask as an infallible question living in dark ages.

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JK Nov 1 '13
Quote from jack_macleod I would ask to have truly cosmic perception in perpetuity.  All things knowable would be known, and thus all possible questions would be answered, without the filters inherent to language.

Darryl is correct, you did not address the issue on the table.  Wishes are easy because with barely three digits of IQ, you can cheat the system. My proposal on theother hand deals with the intersection of psychology and epistemology vis a vis the question asker. Take Tim for example, even though he he hasn't answered, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't ask the "god question. And then take Neil's interesting, even if underwhelming IMO, final answer.

This is an exercise in relating your personal epistemological "insecurities" (for lack of a better word) to others.

Well, thirteen replies - I'm a man of my word, here's my question:

"What are the winning numbers and draw date for the next Powerball jackpot over $700M?"

See how mundane I can be?

Oh, and yeah, this
Quote from voidritual My question would be "Who is answering my question?"
was nice as a meta-commentary. My favorite answer so far.


thedeadidea Nov 1 '13
If you wanted epistimological uncertainties/psychology why didn't you ask ? One or Five things you really want to know the answer to ? 

Sure I'd like to resolve a lot about Nature, perception and the like. It isn't a single question though and although Darryl 'got it' apparently many including myself didn't. I'd like to know all kinds of things about the world that I cannot help but assume, guesstimate or premise on the basis of paradigms of understanding I am sure as transient as a rivers flow. How you fit that into one question though I have not the foggiest, hence my predialection to omniscience or even omniscience for a day because one question isn't enough. 

In particular I am fascinated by the concept of Extended Mind, not with necessarily including quantum entanglement and other bullshit. But it must be said to understand animals behaviors and actions say birds flying or how herbivores eat and move to a water source. Certainly with ants and bees, you can only really do it by positing an exchange of information and hence mental activity that extends outside the body of the animal. 

I'd be curious to see if Direct Mind Transmission of Buddhism or initiation is a realization state or initiatory condition that unlocks such a state by unraveling the self to such an extent to become consciously aware of such principle conscious activity. 

If you want another one why not what really happened on 911 in great detail though I doubt Jews and Reptilians I can't really be thoroughly sure of everything that went on. 

Are we alone in the Universe ?

There are many things I'd like to know but with ONLY ONE question and any possible variants of answer with no guarantee of truth.  Call me uncouth and mundane but if I couldn't be god like I'd take the 700 million dollar lottery ticket and run. 

How many questions would you need perfectly answered in an unfallable way would you need in exchange for passing up 700 million dollars Jason ? Assuming the extra questions you asked didn't involve the persuit of material gain or supernatural powers/qualities and such. You could only further your knowledge with all certainty the answer was 100 % correct. 

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JK Nov 1 '13

Quote from thedeadidea Assuming the extra questions you asked didn't involve the persuit of material gain

Well, to be honest, and a bit of a nerd, I want to know if the Riemann Hypothesis is true. And not only that, but if my intuitions about it are valid. Namely that it IS true because of the nature of fractional exponents. Namely the exponent 1/2. All the zeroes to Riemann's Zeta occur with Re=1/2. This is the Hypothesis. I'd die in a day to know whether I was right or wrong.

Does that help? 
JK Nov 1 '13

Quote from jack_macleod Through what method can I obtain truly cosmic perception in perpetuity? I thought it was obvious how to phrase this in the form of a question, and thus unnecessary to do so.

Having some some question answered for you, even if infallibly, doesn't grant you powers. Other than the power to act within your own resources.

Cygni Nov 2 '13
"In the nature of the use of chance operations is the belief that all answers answer all questions." John Cage
LeDeluge Nov 3 '13
I can think of many answers I might desire, but I would ultimately decline the offer. The mysteries have served me well.
JK Nov 5 '13

Quote from Mequacious What are next week's winning lottery numbers?

Dude, I did that one already.

Quote from Mequacious [W]hat is the most effective method possible to achieve the most blissful and flourishing existence a human being can achieve?
Well, don't overachieve . . . LOL, pun.

Seriously though, I don't find that to be a philosophical question at all. It is 100% psychological and depends entirely on the "meta-karma" (if you will) of the sentient being in question. This is actually an answerable question, since YOU are the one doing the answering. Think about it.

SIN_JONES Nov 5 '13
"Why would any sane person desire immorality?"

The fallible answers have never sat right with me, a mere explanation for why we die?  Why all things must come to an end?  That man is part of a perpetual cycle of creation and destruction?  That only the gods themselves have this power to transcend?  

I think Ea had the right idea, if anyone does exactly what I tell them to do with no skepticism, deviation or creativity in finding out my motivations; I'd say they are deserving of death.  

Someone else beat me to the punch but to reiterate the point, beware of those so willing to answer your questions.

SIN_JONES Nov 6 '13
Quote from jack_macleod
Quote from SIN_JONES "Why would any sane person desire immorality?"

For many, kink is better than vanilla.
Way to miss the point Jack, sheesh.

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