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thedeadidea Oct 31 '13
I don't know what happened between Zach and all of you. By all of you I refer in the first instance to those whom I know had a real friendship with him. I as of yet don't have a dog in this fight and don't particularly have the need to find one as I was absent and hence blind to whatever transpired. 

If a time comes however where you feel the need to draw a definitive line in the sand as in make a choice between over here or over there. I will wish to have a conversation with at least one of you whom I know actually had something personally invested in all of this. 

I write this simply because I am ignorant to what is going on and how deep the tensions go. So I really have no idea of what is likely to happen or when. I thought it best to write this quite plainly and publicly to escape any possible misunderstanding. 

FemaleSatan Oct 31 '13

Zach did some fucked up shit and some friendships got shattered in the process. 

I understand why you wrote this and imagine some bad blood will be between both groups for awhile. But you weren't involved in it so I don't see why you would have to choose a side. 

thedeadidea Oct 31 '13

i'll be flat out honest why I wrote it 

1. Ignorance 

2. Self Interest 

I don't really see the need or day I will become involved either Satan but I didn't see this coming either. So it shows ignorance and human limitation, I also have no idea of what comes next so no real expectations. 

In a worst case scenario the bad blood reaches a tipping point and that line in the sand is not drawn by any one person but more so simply by the continuance of events. It is possible as well the line might be chosen to be drawn by one side or the other. In either case when this happens it creates an atmosphere where 'cooler heads' are not the ones that prevail. 

If  the worst case scenario does present itself there will be a choice for me to make and a hard one. In such a case I would not compromise my best judgement to the whim of chaos. I would afford myself the time to inquire and chew it over. Not only that but I also guard myself considerably against questions or comments concerning loyalty and such whilst I think it over. 

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Dan_Dread Oct 31 '13
This site has nothing to do with sin, and as far as I can see the only ones drawing lines vis a vis participation are them

Ongoing events are just that, events..passing events.
FemaleSatan Oct 31 '13
I didn't see it coming either and I hate that you are in the dark man. I can sit and write a long post about all that happened but it will look like I am: 

1. Justifying my position. 

2. Trying to sway you to the side I am on. 

I don't want to do either. 

I have heard that Zach has a 'you can't be at one site and the other' policy but I don't know how true it is because I was banned long before that occurred. I do know that some people are at both sites with no consequences and others have been bounced outta SIN like basketballs as soon as they joined The Circle. 

I'm afraid that the bad blood between the two is already reaching that tipping point you are talking about. It's going to get worse before it gets better. It's just a matter of time before people start screaming 'choose a side' at you, you know this, thus the post. 

From me, it wouldn't matter what side you landed on if (when?) that happens. You'll always be a person I respect and care about. 

The shit that has gone down has caused one of the biggest rifts I have ever seen occur in this subculture. 

thedeadidea Oct 31 '13

 I talked in private to SoJ & Zach so there was really no need for any kind of a public address on SIN. Most of the old crowd however moved over here and rather than tediously seek a conversation with half a dozen to a dozen people. I just decided it was better to go on record, I'll leave the rest unsaid as I have said all that I think it is relevant for me to say on the matter. 

timishardcore Oct 31 '13

 @TDI: Don't worry my friend this is not a "Us-vs-them" site by any means. I left SIN do to dishonorable actions by Zach toward those "friends" you speak of from our YT days lol.


 You will not have to choose a side here at the Circle, that petty crap is for them to do.


 Great to have you around :) 

JK Nov 1 '13
Do the math, bro. Looking at where the "chips" stand, what do you think happened? It should be obvious. Zach forgot something simple because he had his head blown-up like a balloon. The thing he forgot is what this place is. </maths>.

AnnaCzereda Nov 1 '13

That definitive line has already been drawn.


I have nothing against Zach, personally. He's always been respectful to me. This is why I avoid shit-talking him behind his back.


My only beef with him is that he screwed one of my favourite websites and wasted over three years of its users' contributions.


First of all, he unfairly banned two members, then caused the mass exodus of other quality members. He even said: "If you don't like it, leave. When one user leaves, there are twenty new ones in his or her place." Now, there is hardly anybody left there to talk to.


Normally, I do not delete my accounts, especially when I invested a lot of time and energy in my posts. And I spent three years on SIN and was quite an active member.


But the SHIT that happened nearly a month ago was well over the line. Have you seen that mess? The compromised website, all Zach's admins deleted and poor Zach whining on support group. Such a shame. The worst thing about it was that he lied to everybody, trying to save his face. He was telling everybody that it was just a random hacker, that shit happens but it will never happen again.


So I removed myself. Seriously, what responsible admin would let something like this happen? Would the folks at the 600 Club let that happen? Probably not. But you see...they are sober, at least most of the time. And Zach? He rarely participated in the forums, didn't know all the users and had no clue what was happening on his own website. Most of the time, he was there in the chatroom, completely drunk. Moreover, he ignored all the advice of his fellow admins.


This is what has happened in a nutshell. It is a very small part of the big picture. This is what is known to the general public. You will never know what happened between Zach and his former close friends. I doubt anybody will tell you that.


From what I know (I sometimes read what is happening on SIN), you can have two accounts, here and on SIN, provided you do not talk shit about Zach here or on SIN and do not troll. Zach has become very sensitive lately, banning all the socks, trolls and shit-talkers on the spot and everybody who dares to question him.


Sure, you can take the time to inquire and chew it over, but unfortunately you will have to make a lot of presumptions, as I did when I pushed the "delete" button. A good horror movie is cool with me, a low budget comedy - not necessarily.


Zach is a laughing-stock, my dear. Nobody will cry during his e-funeral, there will only be laughter and embarrassment.

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