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Jesus Oct 31 '13
I hope you guys got as wasted as I am right now xD So, you guys know Halloween is associated with Satanism, right? Well I wanna know how you celebrated it. Personally, I got drunk as hell and squirted people with my own piss, and after partying to System Of A Down, Debated about the merits if each religion. But I wanna know, how'd you guys celebrate Halloween??
JK Nov 1 '13
I don't celebrate "Halloween," it's a holiday for children.

But my kids had fun. Slight rain, not as big of a candy-grab as last year, but they enjoyed themselves.

Jesus Nov 1 '13
It is what you make it. Although having kids probably makes things more tame than they could be, you can still have some good old fashioned law abiding fun. 

Either way, Halloween is a holiday for children only if you choose it to be. This year I chose to make Halloween a holiday for law breaking and hell raising, and it was so because I that is what I made it to be. I'm sure many others made it a holiday for rituals and black masses and such, while most probably made it a socially acceptable candy gathering ritual. To each their own I guess.

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