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Jesus Nov 14 '13
A Political Compass is a 4 squared map that charts your political identity. It looks like this

The names of various famous people should give you a general idea of what stands for what. What I want to know is where the average Satanist would be. Where do you think they should be? Where are YOU?

Take this short test to find out. It's simple, free, and you don't need to give any information.

The Political Compass Test

Ghostly1 Nov 14 '13
I scored almost in the same exact location as Gandhi.  

Satanists are all individuals so it would not surprise me if they scored all over the compass.  That is more a personality shift then a stereotypical result.

XiaoGui17 Nov 15 '13
Ghostly1 Nov 15 '13
When  someone steals the protocol is cut something off, no?
Azazel Nov 15 '13
Im a little to the right of nelson mandela
JK Nov 15 '13
Shit, I've done this thing like a billion times. Time for one more, hold on . . .

OK, here:
Economic Left/Right: -4.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.87

Funny, I mapped to the Dalai Lama almost perfectly, go figure that shit. 


LeDeluge Nov 15 '13
Economic Left/Right: -0.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.31

On that XG Nigga's Thread last year  I scored:

Economic Left/Right: -0.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.97

Always a Centrist Libertarian. Dunno which specific issues caused the variance. I doubt it is ever more than +/- 1.

JK Nov 15 '13
Funny, LD, I moved as well, from -5.25, -3.90. I always try to take this thing straight up. Maybe my old age is moving me more towards the center, LOL.

LeDeluge Nov 15 '13
Same, I just answer straight up. Hard to say. My first guess is more affirmatives to environmental concerns (slight left economics) + helping to raise my nephew (Still h/c social libertarian but possibly answering a discipline question or two less libertarian) The variance wasn't much, but it must mean something.

Essentially, old age LOL :)

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CanisMachina Nov 15 '13

 I took the test provided in XG's OP the best I could. It would have been nice if they included an "I don't give a fuck" option...


In any case:


Economic Left/right: 5.00

Social Libertarian/authoritarian -2.92


Which makes me a Libertarian Anarchist, which according to the chart (and examples) they provided leaves me all alone in quadrant IV.




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LeDeluge Nov 15 '13
@CR: You sound like one of those Hayek niggas to me. Can you post you score again XG?

P.S. Woah shit n/m. Found hers. She's a Mises Nigga:

XG =

Economic Left/Right: 10.00 (Laissez-Faire Capitalist)
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.74 (For individual freedom)

I still scored higher for social libertarianism though. Neener Neener Texan.

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FemaleSatan Nov 15 '13
I came out 6.25/-3.85

Opposite side of Gandhi (purple area)

No such thing as a Satanic political position btw. I find these things the equivalent of saying all Satanists should be left handed. 

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LeDeluge Nov 15 '13
^^^^ Hayek. I don't think there is a "satanic" political stance either. With a few exceptions, it doesn't even factor into my dealings with people in general.

P.S. On another note: Obamacare is looking *really* bad. These "fixes" won't help matters.

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voidritual Nov 15 '13

Economic Left/Right: -5.25

Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.64

In my younger days, it would have been like this.

UserX Nov 15 '13
I got -0.50/3.33

That was an interesting test. I ended up around where I estimated I'd be. But where I actually ended up is disappointing. Too close to the center. At least I'm not libertarian! Guess I have some work to do on myself. My "closest" neighbor/reference-point seems to be Mahmoud Abbas.

Edit: Hey wait a minute, it looks like I'm the only non-libertarian in this thread so far?
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JK Nov 15 '13
Well, hey, if we were all in the "same place," what would be the fun of having us a place like This?


AnnaCzereda Nov 15 '13

Libertarian left, but I don't remember the numbers. An interesting test.

SIN_JONES Nov 15 '13

Dan_Dread Nov 16 '13

Economic Left/Right: 7.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.44

timishardcore Nov 16 '13

 I landed on Gandhi, go figure :) 

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