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praxi Nov 20 '13

Me? I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to lo... er, wait, no I'm not.


I'm actually not overly concerned with the "who am I?" question. I was rather preoccupied with it as a young adult but now I kinda feel like I can't be arsed. I could give you a list of terms or identifying labels but even that would be inherently limiting to your understanding of my sheer awesomeness. I can tell you what I like, how things make me feel, how I respond to certain stimuli, and even what I am not (e.g., [just for you Neil] "sinister") with far more detail and clarity. Maybe my faculties are limited or perhaps I'm just apathetic. Not sure. But again, not terribly concerned with it either.


And you did kinda sound like a Scientology commercial, Darryl. :) I don't disagree with you however.

LeDeluge Nov 20 '13

Thrown into this world. 

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Heliodramus Nov 20 '13
Heliodramus Nov 20 '13
Part of the Grand Illusion ...
Born Nov 26 '13
Who you are can defined by your actions, words, deeds, occupation, history, and so on when attempting to answer objectively. Who you are can be a sum of choices past and present. In choices there is Will... Perhaps who you are, is simply the reflection of Will that is defined and governed by 'I'.
SIN_JONES Nov 27 '13

*Refined.  Fxd.



Born Nov 27 '13

Quote from SIN_JONES

*Refined.  Fxd.



That fits rather nicely SIN... Thanks.
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