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LeDeluge Nov 23 '13
Wait no. I obtained very little of my musical collection via online interaction. I have no problem with people posting music either way, however. My intention was to post Saint-Saens "Danse Macabre", but it had become a colloquy on the value of posting music at all. Beyond that, I just wanted to serve up a chuckle for Jack to volley.
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SIN_JONES Nov 23 '13

Quote from Azazel

Oh I get Ledeluges point, I get all of my music from online
interaction. That's why I made my music thread. Hell not to bring up SIN but my
song of the day thread there had 250 comments and not a single one was
bickering it was an irreplaceable resource for music, and I polished my music
library with it. MY problem is here is consistency, I post a thread and say hey
lets post a song once a day by a different artist to recreate said resource and
I'm told that I'm dumbing the site down. Today I log in and see "Whats
your Satanic Anthem", its borderline insulting but whatever. 

What are you, the new kid?  You should know by now how this game is played.
Azazel Nov 24 '13
On another note they brought back the thread i deleted >:(

SammieSam Nov 24 '13
Az, so?
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