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Nith Nov 27 '13

I think I understand Darryl's point of view here and in fact I enjoyed living that view for a long time. The idea of owning only 3 changes of gear, saddle bags to hold them and a cheap motorcycle that can be dumped and replaced at any time.

I also understand Sin's point of view that I would have had to pay rego (even though many times I did not pay that) for that bike and still get food. 10-20 years ago it was easier to fringe dwell society as not all system parts were linked in a way that could easily catch up with you.

As for the medical costs, I learned to fix most injuries myself but there were a few that had me hospitalised. So with the idea of minimalism I do avoid contracts as much as I can and refuse to invest in costly checks that are not needed <paying $100 for a doctor's sick certificate just because people don't trust my word>. I have no phone, internet, rental, loan contracts and the funny thing is I have no credit rating because I have no debt lmao.

As for the bitching about taxes and laws, I often go about it different to most people in my area. Like the idea of paying carbon tax when I have hydro electric power and no vehicle. Even though most of the noise I make to formal channels is just seen as background noise to them. Even though I know taxes will always be there and I can avoid most of them I will still make that noise against them now and then. I see bitching about taxes in the same light as asking parents “but why”, it often does not change a thing but I still do it.

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