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SIN_JONES Nov 27 '13

You just discovered I'm dead.


News Headlines read:  "[Fill in the blank] Murdered, investigation underway, news at 11!"


Write my Epithet...



* This can apply to any user

* You can play super-sleuth (Theorem).

* 50 Words or less





AnnaCzereda Nov 27 '13
Epithet or epitaph?
AnnaCzereda Nov 27 '13
All Right. I think you mean epitaph here.

I will write my own, because the very idea of being murdered seems really cool to me. It's so creepy and I like all the creepiness. So here it is:

Here lies Czereda, the Christian cunt

Searched for martyrdom all her damn life.

Someone indulged her but before that

He gave her a little fuck.

So here she is now beneath the grass

Trying to bite the worms in the ass.


EtuMalku Nov 27 '13
The sexy shaved Meist Allison Jones was Murdered, investigation underway, news at 11
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SIN_JONES Nov 27 '13

Quote from AnnaCzereda
Epithet or epitaph?

Epithet, I added the 50 words or less disclaimer for Darryl;)


For example, Greek Hekate's Epithets are as follows:  Keeper of the Crossroads, Woman of the Wheel, Bearer of the Torch. 


The length of the phrase can be a few words, or go on for a short paragraph.  It can be included in an Epitah.

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AnnaCzereda Nov 27 '13
All Right.

The stupid frustrated bitch, Anna Czereda, raped and murdered, investigation underway, news at 11.

SIN_JONES Nov 28 '13

It was a sweet beginning to a tragic end. 



CanisMachina Nov 28 '13

Some Pisan fuck murdered, foul play suspected, best Black Friday sales at 11.


 From worm to man, now a man feeding the worms. Arrivederci.

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thedeadidea Dec 1 '13
"Here lies Jack Macleod, the truth is people are happy that he is dead. Best remembered as the slayed beast that terrorized villages in folk tales than as a Man."

"Here lies Jason King largest Chicken Wing on Earth burial included sunglasses and blacklight."

"Here lies Dan Dread may he be reborn a Warlord in a third world country during a Zombe Apocolypse  the he might find the paradise of Asura" 

"Here lies Darryl if you are wandering this graveyard because you have Father unknown on your birth certificate this is probably the headstone you are looking for." 

"Here lies the meat that was once SIN JONES"

"Here lies Hatepeaches, another dead Jew" 

"Here lies Bobo the bitch be crazy."

"Here lies Beast Xeno ever remembered as Fonzi's second coming." 

"Here lies Tim ;-)" 

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praxi Dec 2 '13
I think Jack wins the thread.

Do Neil, do Neil!
BeastXeno Dec 2 '13
Damn Jack, Praxi wrote yours :)

"Here lies, Jack MacLeod; Winner of Threads."

BeastXeno Dec 4 '13
Quote from numen Here lies Jack MacLeod, the Sinister savior of Satanism's soul.  Truly a tintinnabulation twinkles terrifically in the Twilight, a film which recollects his perseverance.  Dude of dangerous deeds, Echo of epiphanies, Frank flambourge of flaming philistines, Guide to guys needing guidance, Hell on wheels.  "A dream to some, a nightmare to others!" I love you Jack, but you're still not getting my Bud Light.
You forgot "Winner of Threads", otherwise this is pretty cheeky. Whats with the Bud Light?

SIN_JONES Dec 5 '13
Quote from jack_macleod Alison Jones, Keeper of the Snark, Wayfarer on the Road of Disingenuity,  Mistress of the Sly and Understated Pwn, and Manager of the Crafts Section at the Wal-Mart of the Gods lies dead.

She will be missed.  Film at 11.

<3 Jack

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