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Dan_Dread Oct 9 '13
If you would, watch THIS video.

Watch it to the end, and detail your reaction to it here.

This is a bit of an experiment.

FemaleSatan Oct 9 '13
Okay. Because of the name of the video I thought it would be the woman mopping.

When the stabbing started I did the classic girl gasp and almost covered my eyes. My hands actually came up and I had to stop myself from doing this.

I started getting distracted by the other people and it was like my mind was focused on them more than the woman being stabbed.

I started having two thoughts run through my head:

1. Why are they just standing around or hiding?

2. Where is the blood?

After that, the fact that the one woman started mopping really got to me. It was so casual.

The guy watching didn't bother me. What bothered me was that it was slow. She kept moving her arms and stuff. It was painful to watch at that point.

When the person came in with a phone (I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman) I didn't feel anything really.

I could go deeper with it (reminded me of your essay The Fire but in video form), but that's the gut reaction.
Interrogist Nov 17 '13
Im with FS here, wheres the blood?
SIN_JONES Nov 17 '13

Seems staged:


1.  Woman is stabbed repeatedly, yet there's no blood.  No blood splatter, no blood on the knife, no pool beneath her.


2.  Guy in the white shirt is smirking


3.  Kid in pink shirt walks by un-phased


4.  Guy in blue shirt is smirking before he leaves


5.  What was the cardboard for?  Why was it laid out in the approximate spot where the stabbing takes place?


6.  Home boy at the end with the cell phone seemed to be taking video, as well as talking into the speaker phone (notice reaction of guy in the white shirt/stripes).


#Dexter, blood splatter expert

JasinElric Nov 17 '13
I guess I missed the bus on this one, there's no video there.  Judging by the title, I'm sure it was heart-wrenching, but if it was as poorly constructed as the posters above describe I can't speak to what magnitude.
Dan_Dread Nov 17 '13
Click the link dude.
Entropic Nov 17 '13
I will concede it could be staged, but I can see it being defended as real as well.

It's possible that numerous factors kept us from seeing blood.

First, cuts don't usually start bleeding out immediately.  It takes time for the heart to pump the blood.  Since limbs weren't severed that means the blood was still free to continue flowing throw her blood vessels.  This would explain why you don't see blood splashing from her.

Next, the depth the blade entered her body isn't clear.  For all we know it wasn't enough to kill her. We don't know if she's dead or not. She could just be in so much pain she doesn't want to move, or she could've blacked out.

Last, she's wearing dark clothing.  There was enough time for blood to leave her body in this clip, but it could've easily been soaked up by her clothes. If it pooled at all, it likely pooled under her body.  She didn't roll away, so we don't see blood smears on the floor.
JasinElric Nov 17 '13
Okay, I tried it on firefox and it worked with some effort.  It appears pretty staged imo, but I'm no forensics expert, though that area appears to have been well covered in previous posts. 

If you were looking for an emotion response, I don't really have one.  The interwebs has a way of desensitizing one to brutality via video.  Had I witnessed such an act take place in front of me, I would probably question the motive behind the attack, it didn't look random from my perspective.  But I also wouldn't find myself in such an impoverished area where such an act would likely take place.  Life is cheap in brownieland.

CanisMachina Nov 17 '13
Unfortunately my reaction/opinion has been tainted by the previous responses. I started watching with the notion that this is a staged video. Watching it only confirms this to be most likely true. Objectivity tainted by confirmation bias.

Psychologically the video elicited little to no emotional response. If real it is another in a slew of graphic imagery I have been desensitized by. I don't know this person, and can't force myself to give a shit about their unfortunate situation. I blame my frontal cortex, and preexisting knowledge for my lack of reaction.
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FemaleSatan Nov 18 '13
Quote from SIN_JONES 2.  Guy in the white shirt is smirking   3.  Kid in pink shirt walks by un-phased   4.  Guy in blue shirt is smirking before he leaves

People have weird reactions to these kind of things. That's what makes me think it's real actually, the weirdness of the reactions of the people. I have a few personal experiences to back this up:

1. When I worked at a bar a woman fell out of her chair and was laying on the ground. Her husband screamed she wasn't breathing. There were about twelve people there. Most stood or sat around with their mouths hanging open. The couple beside her acted like nothing was happening. They continued drinking and even got up to dance while this was going on. 

I was the one who dropped my tray, ran over there while screaming call 911, and started performing CPR (I was a lifeguard in high school, it's useful). 

2. A friend of mine came in with her three day old baby where we worked. She was showing off the baby, we're all cooing over it. I grabbed the baby so she could go shopping  a bit. I was ringing a customer up while holding the baby and hear what sounds like paint dripping. I turn the corner at the counter and see her laying on the floor in a pool of blood. I get down on my knees, while holding the baby to see what happened. Holler for my coworker who is just standing there, oblivious to call 911 and get the baby. 

I got her into an upright position and was trying to look for a wound or something when a nurse came in because she couldn't get her gas authorized. She saved my friend's life, she had hemorrhaged. 

There were about six people that just stood around, another continued shopping like nothing was happening. 

People act weird when the veil gets pulled back for a second.

Ghostly1 Nov 18 '13
This reminds me of the one video with the white car covered in "blood".  

If it wasn't faked, and she was genuinely attacked I'm still not entirely surprised by the lack of empathy or assistance in this urban setting.  Had this taken place in a middle class white environment in the bible belt a response or retaliation may have been swifter.  

We are speculating on the mentality of a possible illegal immigrant (mopping) or those who had prior arrests not wanting to be near someone who had been attacked.  Being near a warm body when the police arrive is a ticket to the cage.  Especially if they have warrants.  

Perhaps it was human garbage removing more human garbage.  Maybe the man with the flip flops and a vendetta was simply taking care of business.  We shall never know.  As for the spineless guy who simply watched....he should have thrown his hands up and squealed.  

SIN_JONES Nov 18 '13



Sure, people react strangely when something weird happens but all (3) of those men acting in the same manner is suspect.  If it wasn't staged as a hoax, I'd say that all (3) knew in advance and/or were part of the set up.




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