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SIN_JONES Dec 6 '13
praxi Dec 6 '13
That was painful to watch--not only because the camera was shaky as hell, but because I'm pretty sure that's what my dancing looks like, even though in my head I'm sexy as fuck and sway about enticingly with grace and fluidity, and not at all like an epileptic monkey.

A few questions for you, SIN, and anyone else who'd like to answer:

1) What is your initial gut feeling when watching him?

2) How do you feel closer towards the end when virtually everyone else is dancing?
FemaleSatan Dec 6 '13
Wow, I wrote a blog on something like this about a year ago.

I Hope You Dance

Sometimes you have a moment so fucking profound it's almost impossible to put into words.

So here's the scene... I am at a Music In The Park thing. Local bands playing live music. I get there and the first thing, in fact the most noticeable thing is this black guy. He's the only person dancing. He looks well ... wild in comparison to your average sheeple. Long hair, combat boots, etc.

Now I am a people watcher. And I notice the reaction of people as they walk past him. They either stare or pretend he doesn't exist. Looks of disgust are thrown his way. Every once in awhile he gets a hug, like he's the token freak.

As I watch I notice something else. He's into it, he's happy. Is the average person there? No. They are distracted. Clutching their cellphones, yelling at their kids, just completely disengaged, completely miserable, completely blah in comparison.

I say to my husband, "Look. He's the only Individual here. He's the only one in the moment. "  So he starts watching. Idiots that dye their hair green to be nonconformists, ignoring or being disgusted at the only person doing their own thing, LOL.

So, a new band comes up. I get up when they start. I am going to dance to. There's a fucking area for dancing for fucks sake. So I danced. I just let go, I just let the music move me as well. I 'get over' my instinct to just sit like everyone else.

Here's what's funny. Within five minutes two little girls join me. Then more. I open my eyes and one point and see five little kids standing in a line staring at me. I smile and keep dancing. They dance, I dance, awesome ass black dude dances. Parents start encouraging their kids to dance as well.

A little boy starts whooping for the band. I develop a fan in a red headed man. He smiles at me, claps for me, whistles a few times.

It is a 30 minute moment  that can only be described as Numinous, almost holy in nature. I can't describe the emotional response I had. I was fighting back tears at the beauty of this moment me, this man and these children are having.

I get done and am emotionally rocked. Questions fill my mind. Why children and not adults? Why did I get a different reception than he did? Why did people quit viewing him as a freak when I got up? Why did adults sway on their blankets, rather than dance?

It was a reflection of a fundamental fact... One person does something ANYTHING out of the norm, they're crazy. Two or more, a movement of sorts.

Now I deal in Darkness. In Hell on Earth at times. In things that shake the psyche to the core. But this, this dancing was the same way. A 'positive' psychological shakeup. A stepping outside of the normal in favor of doing what I want.

I said to the guy afterwards, "You made my day." He told me I made his as well. Asked me if I was coming back. I said yes.

And I will DANCE.
SIN_JONES Dec 6 '13
Quote from praxi A few questions for you, SIN, and anyone else who'd like to answer: 1) What is your initial gut feeling when watching him? 2) How do you feel closer towards the end when virtually everyone else is dancing?

1.  My initial reaction is to laugh, I'd probably get up and dance with him.

2.  By the end, when it's an entire group dancing, I'd probably walk away at that point.  Let them have their movement.

I posted this because I've often been called the First Follower.  I don't know if you remember Mabon (he frequents the forums, identifies as a Luciferian) but he wrote an entire blog about me using this video as a premise.

I just tripped over it on Goggle +, gave me a bit of Nostalgia ;)

SIN_JONES Dec 6 '13
Quote from FemaleSatan Wow, I wrote a blog on something like this about a year ago.

The idea isn't exactly new or original.  It doesn't surprise me a bit that you personally experienced this yourself.

I'm not the kind of person that gives a fuck about what everyone else is doing, I do what I want.  If I felt compelled to get up and dance with that guy, I would have.  If people follow my cues, that's just a causal result.

You can hope people dance but I think it's fine if people want to sit and watch too.  What if that's really what they want to do?

As commented in the youtube video I posted, one of the elements pointed out was that people get up and join the group because they don't want to be perceived as a non-follower, party-pooper or stick in the mud.  That has everything to do with social influence and less to do with internal impulses to do what you want to do ;)

praxi Dec 6 '13
Ah, see, my initial reaction is one of discomfort. I see him and think he looks foolish. No one else is dancing, people are staring. Freakish, right? Once a few more people got up there a kind of tension left. Once almost everyone in the camera's view got up to dance, I felt like if I were in the crowd just watching, I'd be the freakish one.
LeDeluge Dec 6 '13
You gotta find the front man or the music never plays. You fire em up. Make em dance and scream and howl. When the music is over, you simply walk away.
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SIN_JONES Dec 6 '13
Quote from praxi I felt like if I were in the crowd just watching, I'd be the freakish one.

So you feel discomfort for him because he's dancing and no one else is.  Then when people join him, you still feel discomfort because you're not.  Is it because you feel everything has its time and place, and you feel out of place?
AnnaCzereda Dec 6 '13
Oh jumping on the bandwagon, but this time it was cute. It takes some courage to be a leader, because you have to stand out of the crowd and do something others don't do. You risk being ridiculed. Then it also takes courage to be the first follower. You also have to stand out of the crowd, join the initially unpopular guy and be for some time in the minority. And then when more and more people join, it takes some courage to stay away, not join or simply leave.

Interesting video.

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Heliodramus Dec 6 '13
How many times have I walked into a bar and see only women dancing. Funny thing is I truly believe that Caucasian males have lost their primal instinct to dance. Most black  and hispanics love the "dare" as it were to attract females with dancing. The only time that white males will dance is when they are goaded by females to dance ,or when they are high as a kite to not give a fuck and get beyond the lie of (only Fags dance.)

You need to get some soul in your hole to dance. Get in touch with the rest of the tribe . I found out early to take that risk of being called a fool on the dance floor. Most females admire a man who will dance ( this means the whole body not just faking it) Music is the universal language . I learned to make it count . And if I'm in my ADHD mood or a little high I will be that second guy ! LOL

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SIN_JONES Dec 7 '13
Heliodramus Dec 7 '13
That goofy fuck got everybody dancing! LOL
XiaoGui17 Dec 8 '13

Of course, there's the exact opposite, when one guy's dancing makes everyone else stop dancing.  Some Caucasian guys, Heliodramus, should probably stay off the dance floor.

OK, seriously, what the fuck?  I not only can't embed the video, I can't even hyperlink text to it?

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