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XiaoGui17 Jul 31 '17

Quote from SIN_JONES I've noticed as of late, some 'unnecessary' darkness.  You know, the type that will purposely shun what they actually like because it doesn't fit the image.   They will pretend they don't actually like the Rainbow Unicorn shirt they bought, and pretend it was a gift.  STFU and just wear the shirt.  #Sheep

High school ended long ago for me. Pretending not to like shit you do, or to like shit you don't, is high school crap. 

I listen to Taylor Swift sometimes. And Disney music.  Mostly industrial and EBM, but occasionally I get in the mood to wail along with Idina Menzel about how I'm letting it go, or Tay Tay about how I'm a crazy bitch. Thread pending on the fusion thereof...

I was never fond of beer or straight liquor. I like my fruity froo froo chick drinks. 


I do love my cocoa. 

SIN_JONES Jul 31 '17
Pretty much. I think it's pretty dumb myself.  Like what you like, fuck everybody.  I guess some people out there still need the praise and approval of their 'peers', heh
Entropic Aug 9 '17
I was going to make a Guilty Pleasure forum topic, but then I remembered it would be just as appropriate to post here.

My guilty pleasure is watching the Drunken Peasants podcast.  I also like talking shit in Discord with TJ Kirk and some of his other fans.  A far cry from liking rainbow unicorns, but still I think this counts.
SIN_JONES Aug 21 '17

No guilt
No shame
I do what I want
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