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Interrogist Dec 15 '13
Striving to transcend sociocultural nomos frees one from established limitations, however one striving only in regard to counterculture is quite equally bound as those conforming to a nomos. Where is that line, and how is it drawn, which states that transcendence is not based entirely on initial limitation.

Entropic Dec 15 '13
I think it comes down to intent, which can be hard to prove. However, proving one's own intent is unnecessary.
CanisMachina Dec 15 '13
The line is drawn through self interest, even if that means adhering to certain cultural norms. If only to benefit oneself. I don't buy an exclusive either/or scenario exists. The line is blurred. Do what you need to do to survive.

Like mentioned, If your interest lies only in subverting established boudaries by another's definition of what those boundaries are, you are defined by them as well. Getting the conditioning out of your mind is one thing, but counteracting it by opposing it (for the sake of it) shows those norms still have real estate in your head. It is less about self, and more about where yourself fits in (or doesn't) to anothers definition. This dividing fence is a notion of suggested behavior and morality put up to keep people separated via social contract. It is not inate.

Doing what benefits yourself regardless of where it lands is the best strategy, and actually transcends any "line of separation."
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Cygni Dec 22 '13
Not doing so for ones self but for the whole. Each one of us who remains limited by the very idea of boundaries is hindering the entire species from potential growth. Transcendence is not about 'self' because to truly transcend is to go inward and to go inward is to understand that separation is an illusion.
Interrogist Dec 22 '13
Cygni hit the nail on the head.

In biological terms this would be stated thus:
Evolution only happens on the Species scale.

Everything people call personal evolution is only 'development'. Development is not evolution, though many in the lhp often conflate the two.
SIN_JONES Dec 23 '13
When people speak of Evolution contextually, it's understood to be a metaphor for personal development.  I haven't read a single LHP piece that claims that if you believe and apply yourself, you can grow gills.

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