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SIN_JONES Dec 20 '13

**Thanks Bette!

SIN_JONES Dec 20 '13
It's been up since December 11th.  Is this your contribution to this topic?

Watching the episode, I'm reminded of the Symposium

"Marvel not then at the love which all men have of their offspring; for that universal love and interest is for the sake of immortality"

"I am persuaded that all men do all things, and the better they are the more they do them, in hope of the glorious fame of immortal virtue; for they desire the immortal."

"But souls which are pregnant - for there certainly are men who are more creative in their souls than in their bodies conceive that which is proper for the soul to conceive or contain."

"above all when he finds fair and noble and well-nurtured soul, he embraces the two in one person, and to such an one his is full of speech about virtue and the nature and pursuits of a good man; and he tries to educate him; and at the touch of the beautiful which is ever present in his memory, even when absent, he brings forth that which he had conceived long before , and in company with him tends that which he brings forth; and they are married by a far nearer tie and have a closer friendship than those who beget mortal children, for the children who are their common offspring are fairer and more immortal."

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