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XiaoGui17 Jan 1 '14

The following is an analogy.  Before I reveal for what it's an analogy, I'd like to see how people would handle this hypothetical scenario.

Imagine you were born into a position of power.  You don't necessarily want it, but you have it.  Now, there are several courtiers vying for you to delegate that power to them.  No matter who you give power, the others will all be jealous that they did not receive it, and some will be bitter and vindictive towards you.  Also, if you delegate power to more than one, it will create a vicious rivalry and both may resent you.  In addition, there are a few rival houses that would usurp your power.  From time to time you must defend yourself from them.  If you give your power away freely, not only will it create limitless rivals among those to whom you have delegated it, the other members of your royal house will resent you for it and that could get you in further trouble.

How would you handle this situation?  What approach would you take to the delegation, retention, or defense of this power, given that no matter what you do, someone is going to be pissed off?

And finally, can you tell for what this is an analogy?

Entropic Jan 1 '14
This seems like an analogy for what it is like to be a desirable woman.

It would seem natural to give the power to those who can best handle it.  The person you give yourself to should not only be able to handle it, he should be able to defend both of you from rival women and jealous courtiers.
SIN_JONES Jan 1 '14
Delegation is a bitch.  As is the person in power, that has it, doesn't want it and would just hand it over well, because it's a responsibility (Analogy = Bitch).

You can delegate tasks because you have power.  If you give it away, you aren't in a position to delegate anything.

If you're in power, you can create an illusion of delegating power to others.  That's sort of the point, you move people around to do the things you don't want to do, even if you just feel like being lazy or to pacify the power-needy. There's no chance to usurp your power because you have a tight grip on it.  Unless, you're wasting your resources, ya know those people you've given little jobs to do.  Let them deal with the houses that come a knocking at your door.  It's lightwork.  You're busy being powerful.

Your house is in order.  

UserX Jan 1 '14
Quote from XiaoGui17

How would you handle this situation?  What approach would you take to the delegation, retention, or defense of this power, given that no matter what you do, someone is going to be pissed off?

And finally, can you tell for what this is an analogy?

I'm really interested to see what this is an analogy of, I don't know.

But, "power"... based on the way I understand and use the word, I'd say that "power" is not a thing in and of itself. It's more of an "interaction" between parties. In this hypothetical setting you gave, the two parties seem to be a monarch and the monarch's subjects. 

The "courtiers vying" for the monarch's power, would actually be trying to fight for the social interaction which exists between the monarch and the populous. But, I doubt they would realize this... so I would exploit their ignorance. 

Maybe one thing I would do, to maintain power, is to first try and appease the courtiers by giving them something which superficially represents power: such as titles, land, their own province to govern, fame/glory; etc. This is to try and not just appease their want, but to divert their attention away from what actually gives me power: a species of interaction with my public. 

Second thing I would do is to somehow maintain that interaction between me and my public/populous. The connection or link between me and the public must not be interrupted or impeded. One way I would do this would be to become close friends in some way with those people in the public who are the most influential. Perhaps by letting them marry my children, thus making them family; and provide them with wealth.

So first I would give meaningless titles and land to the courtiers to appease them, and divert their attention away from my "power source." Then to try to retain power I would marry those in society who are the most influential to my family members, and share my wealth with them. 

Third thing I would do to try and hold onto my power is to reform my political system by introducing some form of democracy and by getting rid of my own title as monarch. Give myself a lower peerage title or something or no title at all.

A parliament or senate would be established, and I'd make the rival house members members of this parliament. Let them make petty rules and laws to regulate the state. This might appease them.

To counteract this parliament, I'd establish a political party of some sort, or a religious society, or an organization of some sort to house and disseminate my ideals, beliefs, political ideology, and so on. I'd place all public schools under the control of this political or ideological party. So that each new emerging generation is imbued with my ideals, my views, my ideology, and so on. This way, even if my rivals kill me, my ideas and political ideology remains to continue to influence. 

Lastly I'd murder or exile the other people, houses, or whatever who don't like the changes I made. First I'd do a PR campaign, and show the populous that such types who don't like the new democratic system are enemies of the people, since democracy is when the people have the power. Then, I'd arrest them and kill them, or exile them. 

I think that would do it.


Is the analogy about relationships? Being a gf to a guy, and other girls like him?

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CanisMachina Jan 2 '14
My first thoughts on this immediately went to a monarchy as well, but that seems too straight forward of an answer. Then, it shifted to constitutional law, being a deity, a dictator, and finally a card game.

In any case my answer is the same. Don't delegate significant power at all (always give yourself the final say). Give meaningless titles/roles to placate. Make yourself out to be almost divine. Find a worthy scapegoat, and utilize propaganda. Advertise it as a "new order", exude your superiority over others, don't spread your forces too thin, and don't invade Russia during winter.
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LeDeluge Jan 2 '14
Sounds akin to a monarch. You'd want to delegate responsibilities with clear end goals defined for each position. You generally do not want to micromanage the methods for reaching the goal. You really can't worry about resentment. The goals are reached or the person is fired. Courtiers should be discouraged or played off against each other. Force them to compete against each other.

Could be an odd analogy for federalism as well. 

XiaoGui17 Jan 3 '14
Quote from Entropic This seems like an analogy for what it is like to be a desirable woman.

Damn, you're sharp.  I expected if anyone would get it, it would be a woman.

Courtiers are suitors.  They get jealous of one another often, and sometimes get butthurt and bitter if rebuffed.

Other members of your royal family are other women.  They are generally vicious when other women interfere with their sex monopoly.  They like having that power and don't want anyone compromising it by undercutting their asking price for pussy.

Usurpers are generally those that won't take no for an answer and try to force themselves on you.  It doesn't happen very often, but it's almost universal for women to be sexually assaulted in some form or fashion at some point in their lives.

And of course, power is pussy, because pussy is power.  A lot of men will do a great deal to get it.

Hatepeach Jan 7 '14
Ah, but "pussy power" doesn't analogize well to political power or physical power or intellectual power, mostly because it's not a form of power through dominance.

In the context of political, physical, or intellectual power the more you exercise it the more you accumulate.  Each additional person under your influence enhances the power structure as a whole.  A woman can easily extract a great deal of value from one or a few men (provided the men are unaware of one another) but she doesn't do it through overt dominance, wherein the dominated is fully aware that they have adopted a submissive role in relation to someone else.    At its most effective, "pussy power" actively seeks to craft the opposite illusion, and the power remains so long as the illusion is firm.  It's not the same as employing soldiers.  The more soldiers you have, the easier it is to attract new and better ones.  I think you'll find that the opposite prevails if you apply that strategy to your pussy.  The moment she is branded "easy" (employing too many soldiers), that power dissipates in FULL. 

I guess I've already answered your question, but let me put it in the bluntest possible terms.  You want the best exchange rate on your sexual appeal?  Cultivate the impression of a lady and the mind of a devil.
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