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SIN_JONES Jan 10 '14
Episode 2 - Modern Day Heresies

Main Topics of discussion:

* Laws:  Scriptural/Secular
* Examples of a Modern Day Heresy:  Murder/Rape

Comments:  The attitude that unless you experience these things, or at the very least are able/willing, you haven't transgressed.  

* CoD: In spite of having no real 'Rules' - The content appears to be Prudish

Comments:  BX mentioned that the only 'nudes' seen on the site was of Neil's Cock, the content appears to be prudish.

* Fleshing out What makes the Satainst (deeds vs. Words)


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BeastXeno Jan 10 '14
I think Lehi did a nice job with the design of this topic. It really taps into, what I recognize as a meta-dialogue that is possibly reducible to two camps. 

1. The esoteric. (Action to gnosis)

2. The exoteric. (Label applied for 'image')

 As you (Sin) have already mentioned deeds vs words. In the first camp, the idea that by approaching and transgressing the taboo; we inherently gain a valuable understanding of our barriers in contrast. That contrast being between self and societal consciousness. I think about it analogously, like peeling the layers of an onion. It isn't until you begin confronting your own predisposed hangups, that you recognize  the full extent of ingrained social-conditioning, you have undergone. Gleaning  the nomos, in a manner of speaking. This kind of work starts inward towards the outer and reverberates. 

 Transversely is the idea that,  because you agree (& identify) with a particular philosophy; you can appropriately label yourself as such. It is as if simply by calling particular qualities within yourself forward, you have separated yourself from the nomos. I think of this analogously, like renovating a house. Knock walls down, add new additions, paint it, tile it or put in new carpets; If you somehow manage to crack the foundation and have to pour new, is it really no longer a house? 

 I was trying to illustrate the latter, in my mention of the prude social behavior; made apparent upon this particular site. Though I do think it also speaks on a specific level about the prior. I'm also certain a fair level of rationalization could offer counters to either. The one thing that is blatant in my eyes, is an inability to breach the nomos through the latter.

SIN_JONES Jan 10 '14
I had written a previous response, rudely interrupted by a server attack. Damn you! 

 The short of my random thought babble: 

 You make Salient points. If by Prudish, you mean the absence of specific content you expect to see without 'Rules' policing 'Satanic' behavior; in speaking to the 'girls', there seems to be a genuine caution of not arming haters with ammo for humiliation & slut shaming. As if being a slut is a real shame and that women can't be both appreciated for mind and body. Mostly, the women I've spoken to believe others are undeserving of their goods, or that this sort of thing isn't something they feel compelled to do because others expect it of them. On the same token, let's get real here. Why do women always have be the trend-setters? Where's all the male exhibition and why is this sort of thing pale in comparison to what women have to offer? I suppose it's the taboo of homosexuality as un-macho or else men are reduced to 'girls' - half the value of a 'real' man, right? Nomian gender-roles and all that jazz.  

Tiny chat was christened day-1 by yours truly and Vanessa won the Internets with her marathon-long blow job exhibition. (2) female members haven't exactly shyed away from it as a Taboo. Not that I'm saying "Hey girls, look what we did and follow us, fa la la!" No. I don't think it means that other women haven't transgressed a Taboo because they don't feel compelled to exhibit for the benefit of others. If it's something they feel like doing, enjoy it and it's mutually beneficial - bam. No problemo, it's already being done so nothing more need be said about it. It's evident. No talk is necessary.  

There's definitely a laundry list of Satanic (I'm using that for snark value) taboos. Typically things like advocating for Fascism, Racism, Culling, Rape, Pedophilia, etc. the list goes on and on. In fact, I was reading Peter Gilmore's blog this morning, he says and I quote: 
"The statue is crudely designed and ugly to me and seems pedophilic, since the caduceus between the goat’s legs is a phallic symbol. Having children reaching towards a being with an exposed symbolic penis seems to imply that Satanism represents the same situation which has plagued the Roman Catholic and other Christian churches for some time: child abuse. The image appears to show the goat’s left hand possibly caressing the male child.

 Revolting." http://www.churchofsatan.com/mirror-mirror.php  ;

Some would argue that it's a PR effort to cater to Mainstream society to 'protect' other Satanists from residual SRA/Satanic Panic persecution (keeping up Appearances). Why? Why is this necessary? I would think any Satanist worth his weight in salt would be able to transcend any relationship whether personal or professional that hindered being true to one's own inclinations, even if it means a paycheck. Not to mention, the previous 'panic' should serve as a valuable lesson in how to handle people in general. If you're not the handler, you're being handled. Lehi mentioned that if you haven't personally experienced it, at the very least you should be both willing and able. That's all well and good until you're staring it square in the face. 

 Using the examples given: 

 1. Murder:  You were right on point with challenging how its defined. The image by Dark Liliana was indeed Nomian vs. Anti Nomian. Serving in the Military in Denmark suggests being a trained killer for another man's cause. A far cry from what society would consider Murder, a military kill is a legit kill and doesn't carry the same consequences (at least not legally) as murdering a man in cold blood for personal reasons. Still, you can't deny the sort of 'shell shock' a person experiences when all that training and theoretical scenarios are then put into practice. I've met my fair share of military personnel that were on medical leave suffering from PTSD because well, the shit got real. It would be like playing Call-of-Duty all day believing yourself capable of something you're obviously not.  

2. Rape:  Either you're prepared to be the Rapist or get Raped. I don't mean any bullshit role-playing either, those participants are willing. I'm talking personal violation and being the violator. I hear the long list of "I would never...." usually followed up with a platitude about "Respect". This is when ideologies conflict. So which is it? Do you Respect a person because it's meritable or simply because they are alive? In the case of Rape of Women, would you not rape me because as a woman I represent something sacred and holy, or because I've earned your respect? If you don't know me from a hole in the wall, what's there to admire and respect? All you really know is that I'm a warm body. Don't even get me started on Necro-erotica and the like. People talk a lot of shit. Until I see you stick your dick in a corpse, it's for shock value. Is not wanting to fuck a corpse a Taboo, or something else? Necrophiliacs rape corpses all the time, and the 'crime' is an offense because of how human remains are regarded by the living. Something sacrosanct that should never be fucked with. 

 In fleshing out the 'Satanist' from something else, I think there's a myriad of ideologies that aren't following precepts of the LHP. While Satanism can be considered a manifestation of the LHP, I think a Master of his own world can decide whether the RHP/LHP dicotomy serves any purpose for his end game. The finger wagging of "That's not LHP!!!", is at least an exercise in testing what a person's made of when faced with it.

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Entropic Jan 10 '14
It would have been great had you called in with this, granted we barely had enough time for the two of us to cover what we did cover.

We could go to the end of the year with this type of content, so if you want you can host the next show.
SIN_JONES Jan 10 '14
Short, sweet and to the point. I think you guys covered enough in 30 minutes that could make for an on-going discussion on the forum (thus the topic).

I crashed.  Even if I had been up, I don't know that I would have called in.  There wasn't enough time.  It would have disrupted your mojo and it would have been rushed.

LeDeluge Jan 11 '14
Looks like one can get a 30-day trial of the premium version. I'm not sure what "primetime" would entail in a global setting. Lot of air. 2 hours a day. Not volunteering, but if people are verbose enough ;)
Dan_Dread Jan 11 '14
Just listened to it, great show. This definitely needs more time, there were so many times while listening I found myself wanting to interject something lol.

Wish I coulda been there, but I was unexpectedly called out that night.

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