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This city girl, didn't give up on raising a garden. Growing food isn't as easy as it seems. I've learned things. I'm still learning things.

What about you? What haven't you given up on?
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Entropic Jul 30
I've challenged myself to not give up on good diet and exercise, which are things I neglected for far too long. These do wonders for not just physical health, but also mental health.
Hallow Jul 31

Along with working full time and furthering education—my current personal challenge is volunteering at a county jail that will eventually lead to a state prison. I’ve got no more documentaries to watch so what’s left is to gain a different insight from my own experiences regarding. Overall, learning to embrace highly uncomfortable situations rather than shy away from.


Quote from Entropic , but also mental health.
Absolutely.  People can get rather manic when they don't get enough rest or nutrients the body needs.  I've seen it, it's a tell. I usually tell those people to go take a nap and eat a vitamin.
CanisMachina4 Jul 31

Quote from SIN_JONESWhat about you? What haven't you given up on?

A psycho from Wisconsin, and the idealized version I have of that person. 

However, almost all genuine feelings have eroded, and (s)he serves more as a device to "reject" another bitch who apparently tried to get my attention...  And has really cold hands... and mumbles... Or their doppelganger shows up unannounced in some random parking lot like you wanted to see them or their likeness... 

17th edit*  - And that's the last of that...

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At least you're consistent?  That's something.  heh

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