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Entropic Aug 4 '17
I've been perusing some of the ONA MSS recently and in some the texts I've noticed this theme. Said theme is an emphasis on the Satanist exploiting society simply to practice the dark arts.

For example, Shrencing is a way to manipulate societal forces (social engineering) in such a way that you are free to go out in the woods and form a temple, or whatever.

On the surface, it kinda sounds like parasitism. You've got an individual that drains the resources of the societal host and gives nothing back except a numinous experience jacking off on a goat skull in the woods.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that's the aim of the texts, but  I can see how it might attract people like that, though. Being Satanic is all about being an uncouth shitbag 24/7 dammit! The problem is if you kill the host, you die too.

Anyway, I think the point has more to do with describing frameworks wherein individuals have exercised their own will. 

More and more I think none of it is actually prescriptive, even if an individual finds value in some of it.
SIN_JONES Aug 5 '17
The writing itself is like that. No matter the effort it reveals itself.  The authentic vibe was lost somewhere in the late 80s. 

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