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This may qualify as beating a dead horse.

There is a reason why predatory behavior won't die, and its benefits are the natural equivalent of anti-depressants.

The concept that you can reprogram people to be "all-inclusive" or "hold no prejudice" is a pipe dream no amount of lady gaga-esque meme propagation can overcome.

Yes, most children start off an ideological blank slate, but the behavior that brings the world gossip and "circle jerks" has little to do with imprinting. That is a transitive element that is too often attacked as the "root". But even the vitriolic position of the "SJW" does nothing but transplant the behavior to another form...  

Irony is found in the criteria.
The cause is chemical.
Unity is an illusion of survival.

It is a natural high. Exclusion, peer lambasting,  and all other "dirt that tarnishes" is healthy for all who gawk.  It promotes higher levels of oxytocin, and overall well being in the individual.

 It taps a primal reward (survival) center that says "better me than you" while simultaneously cementing the safety of a collective. The most fiercely free thinking and independent person will still derive pleasure from a chicken coop full of clucking hens for this reason.

People's tiny philosophical or aesthetic differences are only products on display in the window, but people were gonna go in the store regardless.

If indifference is the definition of evil then empathy must be a justification. 

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Attract a higher clientele

What benefit is there from preying on a coop of ducking hens? 

Sure, you can eat but even shit can be sustenance.  There will always be something people get morally outraged over, the clacking is just a form a avoidance.  Direct conflict, the sort you come out with personal injury from, can only be worthwhile.  Indifference isn't evil, it's death.  A justification can, on the surface, feed a hunger but in the end starve off even the most formidable predator.   Stalk not the weak, but instead the strong.  Otherwise you end up no better or worse than a ducking hen yourself.  

These philosophical differences aren't so tiny then.   It's like digging up a worm and screaming at it to instead be a bird of prey.  A worm is a worm, for without them in the cycle there would be nothing to discern the bird. 

I can agree that programming away prejudice isn't useful to survival  of a species in its current state. For if all worms stayed above no longer aware that it's ripen prey; the bird may change its diet thereby becoming something else.   Predation isn't immune to such justifications. 

This accounts for why even serial killers get sloppy and beg to be caught. 

The interspecies predator/prey dynamic is secondary.  The bird and worm are not part of the useful data set, and interaction with another species is negligible.  This is more like a deposed former alpha getting run out the pack by the betas vying for that open position.

The hen house would be the talk amongst the betas in preparation for the ousting.

There is always some sort of stratification happening. My observation is the inclination of many mammals is to position themself on a self gratifying avenue.

Say there's an "anti-lion". An animal that sees all the others as slaves to programming (worms) is still driven to find other anti-lions... to then sit around and endlessly nitpick the ways of the others with...

It may be on the surface a rejection of a need for a "like mind", but the pleasure derived from it may say otherwise. 
Secondary to what?  If SJ is the new Lutheran, what relevance does it actually have to praxis on your own behalf?  You make observations about the way others behave, what correlation can be made to your own behavior?

If you are looking for the 'like-minded' what benefit can that actually have?  Those others derive pleasure from X, but you're not really explaining what X has to do with your Y.
Secondary to interaction within the species, particularly concerning matters of stratification. Social cannibalism. 

As far as myself, I have noticed that instances of group aggression is actually quite fun. Even if the person shares some trivial commonality it is still fun to take part in "bullying". Even for a moment, to be "included" in a group kill is somewhat enjoyable, the "better you than me".

The point is, why it's fun.  In my opinion, the benefits to such "condemmable" behavior is a primal release of chemicals that triggers euphoria simply for being predatory (among the species). It is pleasurable because is it establishes a more domminant position (innately).  The reason why all else is secondary is because all behavior that you can classify here is interchangeable. The need for dominance (even subconsciously) is prime.

I have heard the argument that discriminatory/isolationist social behavior is taught and can be reprogrammed, I'm calling bullshit.

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Mob mentality and Herd Mentality can be used interchangeably though.  When I think of instances I have been relentless in arguing a point (or counter point) it sure as shit wasn't because everyone else was doing it.  What 'chemically' derived pleasures do, is fuck with your ability to think clearly and with self-awareness.  I think that can be grappled with in a more meaningful way than "Me too!"

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