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ZachBlack Aug 20 '17

Quote from SIN_JONES Speaking of roaches
Ahh... I see you are still a cunt. Nice to see you again and your obnoxious vagina. 

Hallow Aug 20 '17
Quote from SIN_JONES
Quote from Hallow

But yes, on a more serious note, it’s definitely a works in progress. 

I figured as much. You didn't seem to have a grasp of how Harley was made, why and what purpose the character serves the Joker.   Groking it from that film was your first mistake.  I will skip to the character's epoch, he kills her and she's a constellation.  If you consider that special, it may be.  He could have just left her tacked to the wall with the rest of his Quinns.  

When I said she was a hot mess, I meant that.  Self sacrificing and codependent.  When she finally does get a taste of it, he snaps her right back to serve him.  I can somewhat understand why little girls idolize her But grown women?  You haven't really said what you find admirable about her.  It can't just be her career as a psychologist?  She gave that up by the way.  She poured her talents into servitude.  It's what makes her a less than eloquent psychopath, and the key reason Joker never misses her, even when she disappeared for a year.  He didn't even notice.  I guess that's what Dan was getting at. 

When I stated it’s by far from what Suicide Squad portrays, it’s actually a complete opposite of that. There’s nothing romantic about their ‘relationship’ at all. My mistake. I know the animated series and I know the comics. You always ask good questions. I’ll be able to respond more in full when i'm not at work. But for now: 


XiaoGui17 Aug 20 '17

Hey, I dropped a public hint on 600. 

Quote from Entropic Darryl has been transformed into a penis. You can find him here, though: https://hutchinsdm.wordpress.com/. I sent an email to him, too, but who knows if he got that.

JK is back on YouTube. He makes video responses to any first comment/question.

Zach has an account here, but I don't think he's logged in ever.


Holy shit. When you try to do the JK big words / ONA special terminology thing, and instead you come up with queef kebab aloha or whatever the fuck that hot mess is. 

Zach's in da house! Hide yo kids!*

JK is back on YouTube. What account?  Link pls.

*yes, I know you ain't a pedo. It's a joke, not a dick, don't take it so hard. 

XiaoGui17 Aug 20 '17
Oh EM I forgot to ask, are you and V2 registered somewhere? 
FemaleSatan Aug 20 '17
New 52 isn't fitting when it comes to her, they're making her strong (emotionally) because she's popular. She's a train wreck but she has interesting elements, especially they just make her a babygirl/brat in Suicide Squad, but it kills what she is in the comics. She's broken, damaged, codependent and can't be redeemed because she will always live in the Joker's shadow because she cant't live anywhere else. Unless you have a super abusive ex, who you're still in love with, who defines your whole personality, self identification with her makes you a joke because she's a joke. She even figured out she's the punchline in the animated series, he's obsessed with someone else.
Entropic Aug 20 '17
You should be able to get to his channel from the home page video, but here is the general channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/jason666king/

No, we're not registered anywhere.
SIN_JONES Aug 20 '17
Quote from ZachBlack
Quote from SIN_JONES Speaking of roaches
Ahh... I see you are still a cunt. Nice to see you again and your obnoxious vagina. 

People don't change faggot, events do.  Get that chiseled on your tomb stone.  Soon.
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Dan_Dread Aug 20 '17
This list of names makes me nostalgic. Even Zach.

Say what you want, without that guy 2013 would have been less interesting.

Dan_Dread Aug 20 '17

Quote from XiaoGui17

Hey, I dropped a public hint on 600. 

And here I am.

Dan_Dread Aug 20 '17
I barely check my Autodiabolic Gmail anymore. Even now, years after I made my very last contribution to adm, I still get emails from incoherent nincompoops asking a million questions about it.
SIN_JONES Aug 21 '17
The responses are too.  heh
SammieSam Aug 22 '17
Oh my god was that all the way back in 2013? Fuck.
Hallow Aug 22 '17

Quote from SammieSam Oh my god was that all the way back in 2013? Fuck.
I find it hilarious. 
Mr_Scare Sep 30 '17
Oh fuck I missed this so much...

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