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Entropic Sep 28 '17
I've seen a lot of hubbub around the NFL players kneeling for the United States National Anthem. Some people think it's disrespectful to the troops to take a knee and some think that form of expression is one of the ideal the troops fought for.

This line of thinking extends to other forms of expression that treat other national symbols in the same way. Desecrating a flag can either be seen as taboo or an exercise in the rights granted by the country for which the flag stands.

I don't really care why people burn flags, fail to stand for the anthem, fail to stand for the pledge, or whatever. It seems to me that sticking to rigid patriotic standards is no less servile than bending the knee to worship a magical bearded sky daddy.

Patriotism is a slave religion.
CM Sep 28 '17
Nail on the fucking head.

Patriotism and religious fervor are an extension of a similar predisposition. That fucking piece of cloth may as well a cross adorned with Jeebus for how most treat it...

I remember when I was joining the Navy (before failing the drug test and then refusing to clean up) the Chief Petty Officer asked, "Why are you joinging?". To which I answered, "For the GI BILL".  And the response was, "No, it's to serve your country." 

And I still don't have that ability to see such "higher callings", and understand why my dad almost cried when I defaced the flag as a teenager. Some people aren't meant to "Bow down", as most are fit for indoctrination 

Like you said, service of a country is service of the lord. Or as RATM said, "a yellow ribbon instead of a swastika."

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XiaoGui17 Oct 3 '17
I saw a meme that I can't be bothered to hunt down or recreate.

It had Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz saying, "Are you a liberal snowflake, or a conservative snowflake?" That about sums up how I see it.

Seriously, I am stunned that anyone cares at all. Yet all I've seen is "WAAAAH, MUH FLAG! MUH PROTEST!" from both sides. I've given more shits for the hot sauce at Chuy's.

SIN_JONES Oct 5 '17
My reply on 600c Stands. 
Entropic Oct 5 '17

Quote from SIN_JONES My reply on 600c Stands. 

I'll get around to replying at some point, there and here. I haven't forgotten.
dimitri Oct 5 '17
Patriotism is just another fantasy for people to get lost in.
Another "thing" to escape reality and occupy ones mind with by envisaging oneself in a proud and honorful way.

Not too much different as the cosplayers at your local comic-con.
Small irks from delusioned people.
CM Oct 6 '17
Hypocrisy update: 

The USMNT beat Panama 4 - 0 in Orlando today, which pretty much assures them a spot in Russia next year, to which I am thrilled.  

And as I cheered I realized I am a little "patriotic", just don't tell anyone that could judge me for it...

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Mr_Scare Oct 11 '17
I am not down with flag saluting and singing the national anthem. Love this country, but right now we have bigger problems than flag waving. White people are the target this decade, or so it seems. It seems we are the bogey-men of society, and no amount of civic-nationalism is going to help. Racially aware Whites are what is needed.
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SIN_JONES Oct 12 '17
But you still haven't explained what that means, especially for Americans.  What does it mean to be white in the U.S. at this stage?  Seems to me, post 1980's there has been a more aggressive establishment of a melting pot.  Everything from food to other cultural expressions.  It's like saying the Japanese should give up on serving tea.
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Mr_Scare Oct 12 '17
I'm not in America, so it wouldn't be fair to say. You guys made your beds, we made ours.

But I do feel that people in Western Europe have a deeper connection to the land they are from, and in that way the whole concept of being a patriot is significantly deeper, and something that feels like an ancestral duty to your country.

If you see your own people being driven out, it awakens something in you that is akin to cornering a dog.

SIN_JONES Oct 13 '17
It could be said that even Europeans are being driven out by immigrants, and bred out by couplings.  As for being from the land. I'm a New Englander living in the South.  I'm not of this land but I do consider it my home.  It's taken quite a while to get acclimated and discover the Animus of the area.  Having done so, I think that creates a connectivity to the Southern identity and understanding what Southern people take pride in and the issues they care about.  

Southern states are being populated by people from all over the country.  The recent struggle here is similar to a foreign invasion.   When the area becomes more Cosmopolitan, then Southerners feel as though their history and current identity is lost.    More and more people are demanding that its identity be changed.  No more religious displays, No more relics of the Civil war, No more 'Southern Pride'; thereby dismissing all Southerners as carry-over slave holders and racists.  I imagine that even as a historically Blue State (last few elections), it's becoming more Red because of this.

The popular vote here was in favor of Hillary; however I saw nothing but "Never Hillary!" signs and much support for Trump in the area.  It does make one wonder.

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XiaoGui17 Oct 13 '17
Quote from Mr_ScareBut I do feel that people in Western Europe have a deeper connection to the land they are from, and in that way the whole concept of being a patriot is significantly deeper, and something that feels like an ancestral duty to your country.

Odd, since it seems to me the 'Muricans (as SIN noted, 'specially in the good ol' South) have a much stronger sense of national pride than Europeans do. And that goes triple for Texans.

Quote from Mr_ScareRacially aware Whites are what is needed.

What does that mean to you?

Do you have a game-plan, a vision for what this "white racial awareness" looks like? Are there policies you advocate?

New thread if you think it's appropriate.

Mr_Scare Oct 14 '17
I would be happy to start a new thread on this if everyone would be willing to contribute to it sensibly.

I do agree to a certain extent that people in the Southern States appear to more patriotic than their Northern counterparts. I have spoken to Canadians however, who seem to be more proud of their historical connections to Scotland than anything else. Are they racially conscious though?

As I have stated it would be unfair for me as a Scot to tell an American or Canadian what he/she should do, and I don't want to be the guy who claims to have all the answers (Because I can't do that).

I have a game-plan of sorts, but I am one man with the world against me. I know for a fact that my contribution to the survival of White people is a drop in the ocean, compared to the tidal wave of multiculturalism that is heading my way. I am under no false pretence that I am the person to lead us to White utopia.

If you are willing to converse on this, then I will try my very best to put my view across. 

SIN_JONES Oct 15 '17
I don't think a new thread is required.  It shakes out as Patriotism.  I think the most important aspect to flesh out; is what ideas should be preserved.  That's really what it boils down to.  There are reasons why specific cultures are under fire.  And it's not because they have slanty eyes, brown skin or funny hair.
SIN_JONES Oct 15 '17
Seems relevant

Chosen People?

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Entropic Oct 15 '17

Quote from SIN_JONES Seems relevant

Chosen People?

We waz kangz! Those white devils stole us out of our kingdoms instead of our own tribes selling us.

When I was 18, I had a manager who was this tall white dude from South Africa. When he was little kid, this group of black women snatched him up and beat his ass down for being white in their neighborhood. But no, you can only be racist if you're white.

Quote from SIN_JONES I There are reasons why specific cultures are under fire.  And it's not because they have slanty eyes, brown skin or funny hair.

Nah, Islam has the best ideas. Y'all just hate 'em for being brown and smelling funny.
SIN_JONES Oct 15 '17
Another example is Israel pulling out of UNESCO.  The UN recently cited them on human rights violations for expansion at the detriment of Palestinians as well as racial bias.  There's reasons why Muslims have become more radical than in prior decades.   Even more so towards Western culture over all.   Oddly enough, some of the stranger Blasphemy requests on my website come from the Middle East.  While a tiny percentage, the restrictive nature of their culture is causing the same shift the West experienced at the turn of the 19th century.  Just a lot slower.  Saudi announced women will be granted privledge to drive next summer but as an economical concern.  I'm sure we will see reports of Muslim men ripping them from cars and killing them.  Change comes slow in the absence of advanced knowledge and technology.  See also: Iran Deal

The bleeding heart Libs are just too thick headed to accept reality as it is vs how they believe it to be.  They want open borders, asylum and a nation of third world nutjobs until they don't.   They sit glued to their TVs watching liberal news reports and taking college courses taught by Commies. 

It's less about preserving White identity than people realize.  It's not about European identity politics.  It's slave morality all around.  That's why I say that Patriotism as the slaver is debateable.

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SIN_JONES Oct 15 '17
You may have to pick a side 

Not that Legislators won't continue on as they have but like any memetic sentiment, another shift will occur.  One that may put your ability to move about oblivious at odds with reality.

Mr_Scare Oct 15 '17
There is no simple answer. Jew meddling, and the combined liberal propaganda that is rife in society, has successfully fucked the generation that will be running the country in 20 years.

T.V, Facebook and Tinder dictate everything now. They actually warp people's minds way more than any mind altering drug ever could. In time the people are infected by a disease that is tantamount to Communism.

If they haven't woken up by now, and see that White people are effectively being replaced, then I don't want them on my side.

And aligning with groups won't help much either. I know for a fact that many nationalists are very into the Jesus worshipping, while simultaneously blaming the Jews for everything.

This for me goes beyond all that. I know the symptoms. World War 2 has never really been allowed to die. It is used to further most agenda's 70 years later. When every second movie's bad guy is a Nazi, it is hard to see any other bogey-man taking the top tier.

So what to do about it?

I have tried putting ideas forward, but I am not going to convince anyone. Instead I might plant a seed. Tell them to go read David Irving's books on the Holocaust for example.

Ask them to research history, before buying some Discovery Channel documentary. This is how I got into it. I discovered the rabbit hole, and before I knew it I realised many of the things I knew to be right, were in fact 100% wrong.

I encourage people to stick up for themselves if they are ever silenced or made to feel White guilt. Sadly most would rather stick up for their own football team, than their own heritage.

I will talk more on this if the topic gets rolling.

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SIN_JONES Oct 15 '17

You neglected Twiiter which also announced a rules change to expel even more accounts on the basis of hate speech and harassment.  It's only getting worse from here.  Pretty sure most of us predicted this with mainstream social tech.  We got lazy and complacent.  We're not innovating our own tools to disseminate rhetorical approach.   Even this one was taken offline by a geek with more resources.  I can admit that this stuff is brain frying at times.  Even my skills in R&D are limited.  I suppose, that seed planted should also hit us where it counts. Right in the balls. 

Granted, we can still wield their inventions  but it does border on trying to fix a broken world.  At the very least, we don't have to just sit back and allow it the majority influence.  I know I sure don't.  If people show a disdain for my presence, or the size of my content foot print; it's usually because they don't want my .02 thrown down on the counter like a challenge coin. Little ole me, with my finger bang game.

Funny you mention the Jesus worship.   I watch David Duke whine all day about Zionist Cuckoldry on Twitter all the while standing behind Trump.  Early today  I asked him "at what point will you be willing to accept that Trump is a Zionist? "  Crickets
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