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Mr_Scare Oct 26 '17
Fuck that...I'm happy here in Scotland.
XiaoGui17 Oct 30 '17
Quote from Mr_ScareAnd is FAR from being separatist.

It is?

Quote from Mr_ScareCut out all non-Whites from your life as much as you can. Be a steward of your race. Be polite and pleasant to non-Whites, but do not allow yourself to be lured into their culture.

That may not be hard separatism (i.e. wall off each ethnic group in its own little enclave), but it's racialist, which is a sort of soft separatism.

Quote from Mr_ScareThe people in the countrysides, who are mostly White will likely form small communities and stick together.

I want to be part of their team preferably.

Uh, I live among those white countryside people. They are not my team. Meth makes them pick and rot and bite each other. When shit goes Walking Dead, the white country people were ahead of the game and already on Team Z before it got popular.

Maybe you have some different white countryside folk where you are, but I can tell you Merle Dixon had way more of his shit together than most of the winners out here.

In case you think I'm kidding...

Mr_Scare Oct 30 '17
Well I believe in being prepared. I have been taking precautions for a while now. That isn't to say that I am currently building an underground base in my yard.

I don't think it will ever come to anything in my life, but I believe that if you are willing to pay life insurance, and even take out insurance on the mobile phone...

...then you can ensure that you are prepared if shit goes down.

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SIN_JONES Oct 31 '17
White country folk in my area, sit in rocking chairs, drink beer, listen to the radio and remissness about yesteryear.  

So yes, geographical location DOES matter.  Step outside of Texas to change your perspective.

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