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XiaoGui17 Oct 3
No idea how often I may update this. Feel free to comment or contribute. Don't just post an embedded video. Explain what you like a bit.

My song of the day is "Acid Ocean" by Project Pitchfork.

I liked the song musically, but it took me a while to notice what the lyrics were saying. I realized it was a grand nihilistic metaphor.

They speak of meaning as food, as though purpose and guiding principles were substance to "feed the soul." But as with food, it never lasts. It is all ephemeral. It can never be permanently sated.

The Acid Ocean, then, is a metaphorical stomach where every bit of meaning one consumes is broken down to nothing. All dissolves and turns to shit.

I chose this song because I am a fan of "Rock Opera" styled songs... The metaphor is cocaine fueled pretention, as are most later System of a Down lyrics, but its one of the rare ones not about the Armenian Genocide.

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Mr_Scare Oct 12

Fucking Bathory!

Tie in to "Future of Religion" thread...

Remember Nu Metal?

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