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XiaoGui17 Oct 29 '17
Quote from Mr_Scare I don't care to be honest. Not about them anyway. I do care however if valuable resources and man power is being wasted aborting Black babies, when it could be used to help something else.

Compared to what? An abortion is a lot cheaper than welfare, prison costs, and the general property damage that can be expected from an unwanted kid. I'd say the ROI for an abortion is top-notch. 

Mr_Scare Oct 29 '17
I can't argue with that actually. Good point. It would save much time and effort to do it before it's born.
SIN_JONES Oct 30 '17
Even if one took liberties with their vagina, to have tons of kids.  So long as the tax payer isn't burdened by their family who cares?  The main point is that many of these babies are on social programs in some capacity.  All it takes is a single lay-off, or a change in circumstances.  

"Planned Parenthood" ideally was to assist people in the *planning* part.  

MO just increased restrictions  and it's not that hard not to get pregnant, or make poor life decisions for that matter.  

This has always been an issue of the Ethics by which the U.S. operates, also giving it a soap box to preach upon while finger wagging at other nations.

AL has had a couple of restrictions smacked down so it seems the States vision is in flux with the Federal branch (constantly).

States Rights vs. Constitutionality of the services provided and just whom is entitled to them and when.  Is that Liberty?  Is that Freedom?  Is that how Abortion options were envisioned when Roe vs Wade hit the bench?

Women often use this platform to claim that it's control by the Patriarchy but I think it's something else entirely.  

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