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SIN_JONES Oct 31 '17
His Kickstarter

"In Autumn, 2018, subject to the success of this Kickstarter campaign, Damien Echols will publish LIVING FEROCIOUSLY as a photobook, including never seen before photos of his bicycle journeys through New York City. We hope this project touches you, as everyone is afraid at one time or another in their lives. To publish a book filled with photos that were taken during a time of healing and great magick is a priviledge and we hope to inspire those who are or want to be ferocious in their own lives."

So that's the update :)

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dimitri Nov 3 '17
So his kickstarter is about living a normal life and taking pictures of cycling trips...

I can sense the intensity already.
SIN_JONES Nov 6 '17
I wouldn't exactly call it living ferociously, but he's a bit out of touch.  I was kind of hoping it would be some kind of revenge piece.  Or finding the actual killers of those kids and sticking it to the state for putting him on death row for it.  I guess he's made peace with that Alford plea.  

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