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XiaoGui17 Nov 26 '17

Quote from Dan_Dreadand these are birth defects.

Indeed, they are birth defects. Never implied otherwise.

Quote from Dan_Dread 1 in 50? Have you been talking to some blue haired gender studies major that 'prefers to be called xir' or what? It's closer to 1 in 2000

Fair enough, I wasn't specific. Cases that are patently wrong from birth make up 1 in 2000, and that is what I focused on. Many other such birth defects are more subtle and not immediately apparent, and the prevalence overall of intersex traits is 1 in 50. Someone with, e.g., androgen insensitivity syndrome will present as a normal female infant and may go unnoticed until much later in life (why the heck isn't this chick getting her period?).

Quote from Dan_DreadSomeone get this girl a stomaches pump, she drank the Kool aide.

Finding bizarre medical cases a fascinating gadfly in the ointment of sexual classification is a far cry from saying we've got a new gender that needs its own pronouns. Now who's triggered?*

*For the record, I find the "you're triggered/ you're a snowflake" refrain as tired an attempt to shut down someone else as "check your privilege." But if everyone here's hopping on that bandwagon...

Dan_Dread Nov 27 '17
Check your privilege, snowflake. show me your tits.

SIN_JONES Nov 27 '17
Yeah, I'm not buying that having a 'spectrum' of hormones makes the gender.  Our species has two for a reason.  Until we evolve into some kind of reptile that can pick based on the environment (they exist now), we have two. The rest is just catering to the growing trend of dissatisfaction.

The rest is social.  Check the suicide rates.  It's not due to society's treatment of said 'trans' folk.  Until they are satisfied in their own brains, these folks stay depressed.  Ever notice how the empowered one's couldn't give a shit?  Yeah.  There's a reason for that.  It ain't hormones.

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