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SIN_JONES Nov 15 '17
Cards Against Humanity Saves America and Buys piece of U.S. Border

"We've purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built," the site says. "All Cards Against Humanity Saves America recipients will get an illustrated map of the land, a certificate of our promise to fight the wall, some new cards and a few other surprises."

Think this scheme will work?   People seem to think that open borders is the future of the U.S.  Meanwhile in Poland...

Entropic Nov 15 '17
Stopping the wall will do what exactly? Make people have the feels?
SIN_JONES Nov 15 '17
Well considering how it was framed (that Trump hates Mexicans and the administration is a toilet); my guess is this is just another propaganda scheme to keep the narrative going.  
CM Nov 15 '17
This is funny. They found a way to use the endangered species trick, using bureaucracy against itself... Many a strip mall parking lot have been delayed up to a whole year while environmental impact reports are done. 
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XiaoGui17 Nov 18 '17

Have these people not heard of eminent domain?

Quote from SIN_JONESThink this scheme will work?

Yes. It's great publicity and achieved its desired objective of same.

SIN_JONES Nov 19 '17
Oh I’m sure they are well aware of it, that’s their exit strategy.  Meanwhile sales will spike, donations will tilt and they can laugh all the way to the bank.  People are dopes.

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