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SIN_JONES Dec 28 '17
All this racism flair up lately, begs to question what people think their culture is, doesn't it?

Survey your interests and even your friends, you have a good idea.   In my observation, it's not that a person excludes others; it's just that those others don't find you, or your expressions very appealing.

If it's not appealing, chances are they will go elsewhere to find what does attract them.  It's less about the 'like-minded' than people are willing to admit.

We don't have to share a hive mind, to find say a piece of music, a plate of food, a dance or a mode of dress appealing. Do we?


Entropic Dec 28 '17
Those are the words of a complete sheeple that wants to excuse their complete mediocrity!  You are not having a troo indivijul sichuashun.

But yeah I don't think it's possible to completely divorce oneself from culture, although it's certainly possible to adopt a new one.  It's always funny to see someone learn they share any tastes with people they typically hate or don't associate with.

You can't be a true Satanist if your life isn't death metal.
dimitri Dec 28 '17
Seeing you are from the U.S. I can get where you are comming from.
A "real" culture is lacking there as it is more an amalgamation of different influences comming to one.

In Europe things are a tad different. In this "old country" streets and buildings are lined with constructions which are easily +70 years old. There are more architectural POVs heavily intertwined with the local culture and its evolution than you may find in the U.S..

If an European associates himself with being a "French", "Brit", "Welsh", "Irish", "Vlaming", "Wallon", "Hollander",... it implies his original culture. The region where he was born and raised and whose attitude and general  character was formed.

Sure, there might be an overlap in certain ideas and customs... but it is the little differences (tonality, manner of speech, conduct,..) that makes one unique.

To lump all together is a mistake.
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SIN_JONES Dec 29 '17
I'm not so sure about this.
Quote from dimitri Seeing you are from the U.S. I can get where you are comming from.
A "real" culture is lacking there as it is more an amalgamation of 
There are elements of our culture that are explicitly American.  Those things seem to be shown disdain lately with all the multicultural/globalism embrace. 
SIN_JONES Dec 29 '17
When I was in Germany, family nude beaches are norm.  When me and my group happened upon one; the entire group (aside myself) were aghast that small children were nude among adults.  Americans always see the sinister side of nudity, due to their upbringing in a Judeo-Christian nation.

FemaleSatan Dec 29 '17
My culture is probably best described as ghetto Southern. It doesn't matter where I go or what I do there is something inherent in me that gets certain cultural shorthands and even uses them, without realizing it. My upbringing doesn't go away, my way of speaking always shows this as does basic WorldView stuff. 

Confederate flag? Don't care. Gang tattoos? Whatever. Guns, a few teeth missing? Fine, fine. Racist older family member? Yeah I got some too. I really felt this when the whole take down the statues thing started this year. I just don't care, like they are meant to be there whatever they symbolize. I'm not angry when I see these statues and I don't see the bigger picture I see a statue. Same with the confederate flag thing, probably stands for racist shit, I don't have absurd pride in it, it just means Southern to me. 

It's just part of who I am and it's not the genteel South, it's the ghetto, trade out the bricks for trailer parks and you're there, minus the Nashville portion of my life. As an adult, I almost find "better" areas like the suburbs plasticy and don't relate to the locals well. 

I know where I came from and I have risen above economically, I'm not super loud, I have no gang associations and such but it's there, it never goes away, like my very soul is tainted with the goddamn smell of gasoline and chicken frying. 

SIN_JONES Jan 8 '18

Quote from FemaleSatan

 a few teeth missing? Fine, ...

That made me snort a little.  

It does beg to question whether the culture of our upbringing IS our culture though.   

I know where I came from too, I reject the majority of that environment.  I moved around, I cultivated my own things.  I do however agree that there are some core elements that would be tough to crack, break down, and abandon completely.  

Forever the #Masshole.

XiaoGui17 May 10 '18

Quote from dimitri Seeing you are from the U.S. I can get where you are comming from.
A "real" culture is lacking there as it is more an amalgamation of different influences comming to one.  

This from someone whose country has three official languages. Srsly. What is Belgium if not the collective runoff of France, Germany, and the Netherlands?

I can find a 70+ year old building in the downtown area anywhere in the U.S. Dafuq you talkin about?

Conquest and trade and migration have let to intercultural mix and match since forever. It's always been conceit to try to trace a modern people back more than a few centuries, tops. Ain't a whole lotta Franks or Gauls or Goths or Jutes running around Europe these days.

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