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Entropic Dec 30 '17
I've never raped nor been raped, so I can't speak from experience. I won't deny that these thoughts can occur, but when someone is raped, are they more concerned about the fact they got raped or does it cross their mind that they may not have been good enough for the rapist?

SammieSam Jan 1 '18
Oh, I have a story for this. 

When I was 19 or so, I went to a party at my old room mates apartment. It was a going away party as it was the last day in that apartment, and the other room mate who is also my cousin had moved out already. He left his bed for me to collect, so I called that as my room for the night and everyone knew as much.

We all party through the night, I know everyone there except like one guy who was a friend of a friend that brought beer. I drank too much and signaled to my buddy I was passing out in my room for the night. To make a long story short, my buddy caught friend of a friend guy trying to get into bed with me, who was completely passed out and unaware. He takes off, party goers give a drunken chase but don't find the guy. Party resumes, everyone eventually passes out or leaves. Friend of a friend came back around 6 am, climbed into bed with me, sleeping. I woke up when he grabbed my breast and I noped the fuck outta there in a panic. (I was later filled in on exactly what happened)

Anyway we got the guy, things ended badly for him, and my buddy who looked out for me made sure I wasn't raped in my sleep. (The buddy system, never leave home without) 

Couple of things here. I was not the prettiest chick at the party, far from it. I was not someone this guy previously knew who he had a thing for. I was not selected because I was gonna be "good" I was selected because I had conveniently knocked myself out in a secluded room. And I would say that a huge portion of rapes occur solely out of opportunity, just like my near miss here.

It has never occurred to me to wonder if I was "good" for this guy, in fact the opposite was true. I remember when I woke up completely confused and panicking that someone was touching me and I started to gather my things and check for my pants still being on he said, "You have very soft skin." Which I guess would be a compliment, but I was just disgusted that he liked anything to do with me at that point. I think I'd much rather hear an insult than praise from someone that did that to me.

But, this really only applies to forms of rape that occur out of opportunity, and so in other situations actual rape victims might feel different, which is important to keep in mind. Lucky for me, I have no direct experience with those.  

SIN_JONES Jan 8 '18

Quote from Entropic but when someone is raped, are they more concerned about the fact they got raped or does it cross their mind that they may not have been good enough for the rapist?

I question the legitimacy of frequency.  Since most 'rape' is committed by someone known to you.  I was less concerned about the 'rape' than I was with pay back.  I mean, rape is just assault right?  Do you think about the punch in the face you got, or the motherfucker that punched you?

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