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blackshuck Oct 14 '13

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This book is dedicated to an anonymous member of Spain's Secret Police. On January 27, 1960, during a brief encounter on a quiet back street in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I asked him for advice on how best to avoid any problems in the land of Generalissimo Francisco Franco. The advice he gave me has served me well for more than fifty years. He said there is only one way to avoid troubles with the authorities:

"Make yourself invisible."

And so I did.

I've found this to be an excellent resource of practical advice for the aspiring Drecc looking to free themselves from the Magian-controlled world. I re-read this book over and over to internalize its contents. It really opens your eyes to just how much of your private life is trespassed upon by insolent, hubriatic mundanes.

This is why we need Sinister Tribes, based on the morality of clan loyalty and working for each others mutual advantage. As long as we must live in the Magian world and bow to its surveillance for our bread and butter, we can't be free.

I bought can now get yours as a free pdf file if you're even half-assed internet savvy. Latest one is the 3rd Edition. Read that shit!

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blackshuck Oct 15 '13
Yeah assets are a huge, huge problem with this sort of thing. I'm starting with the goal of hiding my assets as a precursor to hiding my ass. It's the reason I've become so enthusiastic about Bitcoins lately.

Are you still able to scrape out some privacy & anonymity or is the game not worth the candle at this point?

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