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ShadowLight Oct 14 '13

Pain For Political Gain

At the end of September, 2013, The United States Senate refused to vote upon the continuing resolution passed by the Congress. As a result, on the first of October, the Federal Government of The United States had no choice but to shut down all non-essential Federally-funded programs and facilities. This included all National Parks within the borders of the U.S.

As someone who was paying at least a minimum amount of attention during the last major shutdown in '95 during the Clinton Administration; I seem to recall that, overall, while the media made a rather large issue out of that ordeal, it didn't really seem to affect me and my life. Some of the museums shut down, it was a little more difficult to get things like passports and such taken care of, but, not much was really noticeable about it.

Being a citizen of The U.S., I'm a little bit confused as to the Governments' actions of late. It just doesn't seem to make much sense and it more than just smells of hypocrisy and petty politics, it freakin' stinks of it.

So the Senate and the President can't (read won't) see eye to eye with Congress... No big surprise there, I don't either-with any of 'em.

But what sense does it make for the Federal Government to go out of its way (and its pocket) to ensure that US citizens cannot view outdoors monuments? The Vietnam War Memorial and the World War II Memorial are both (primarily) outdoors venues. I don't understand why National Forests and parks are closed- when I enter such a place, I do so knowing that it is populated with wildlife that could, if I wasn't prepared, hurt or kill me. I don't expect a crackshot sniper onboard a Blackhawk helicopter hovering overhead to “pop a cap” in Yogi if he decides that I'm to be his next tasty meal. I show up prepared. So what cost does the US Gov't incur in allowing visitors to a place like Yellowstone? Or the Grand Canyon?

I understand that indoors venues such as the Smithsonian would shutter its doors- There are people who have to man the cash registers, take out the trash, mop the floors, and tell tourists what they're looking at and why it's important, I get that. THIS MAKES SENSE TO ME. I don't like it, but it makes sense.

But, ordering NPS employees to barricade outdoors venues such as the WWII and the Vietnam War Memorials is not only silly, it's an example of the government going out of its way to put pressure on the representatives of the people to give in to what the current Administration wants. How the hell can the government afford this?

What about placing cones strategically so that drivers-by cannot view or take pictures of Mt. Rushmore? Mt. Freaking Rushmore- Really? What the hell is being taken from the Government here, besides its dignity?

It is becoming plainly obvious to me that most of the people running things in Washington, D.C. are willing to inflict whatever pain it deems as necessary in order to score whatever political points they feel they need for the next election and DAMN the people who they are supposed to represent, those who voted them in office to begin with.

RottenBioHazard Oct 14 '13
Quite honestly I find it funny how most Americans only see / talk about the parks and national monuments being shut down. What needs to be realized is it also affects programs in which many impoverished communities depend on as their sole basis of sustenance. I am still waiting to see the full magnitude of the event unfold and see as to where it may lead.
XiaoGui17 Oct 14 '13
Quote from ShadowLight But, ordering NPS employees to barricade outdoors venues such as the WWII and the Vietnam War Memorials is not only silly, it's an example of the government going out of its way to put pressure on the representatives of the people to give in to what the current Administration wants.

Oh, absolutely.  Did you hear they even attempted to shut down privately owned attractions?  If there's even the slightest question whether this is a genuine analysis of how to save on non-essential functions, or a melodramatic act to elicit an emotional reaction, that should make it clear.
ShadowLight Oct 14 '13

Yes, I'd heard that. (I live near Mt. Vernon) I've also heard that the U.S. Govt is forcing folks out of their homes at Lake Mead NV. The Govt just owns the property, and is leasing it out to people as vacation homes. Ironically, the only reason The Gubment bought the property to begin with was to encourage tourism in the area.

XiaoGui17 Oct 16 '13
Quote from jack_macleod It's difficult to talk about your dislike of the government while sitting at its table.

Indeed.  Beggars can't be critics.

SIN_JONES Oct 16 '13
No one has mentioned the USDA Loans?

During the shut-down, the applications that were in process are hanging in limbo.  The loan program was put in place to stimulate the market in rural areas to encourage agricultural growth and rural development.

It affects both residential and commercial buyers.  A lot of the people left hanging have switched over to FHA loans.  The less money people have to work with, spending declines which affects the flow of the local economy.

LeDeluge Oct 16 '13
The current shutdown has reached its bitter end.  It is interesting you guys mention parks and monuments. Historically, this is known as the "Washington Monument" strategy. It is employed when trying to avert or end a government shutdown. The idea is the citizenry will find it so ridiculous, the party deemed responsibility will be forced to blink.

The ultimate ramifications? The (R) Party takes the political loss this time. However, Government is only funded for three months. The question we should be asking ourselves: Is the country even governable with the current cast of characters? We have three years of this bullshit to look forward to.

The stock market rebounded. The full faith and credit of the United States is maintained, but a credit downgrade edges closer every time this happens. At that point, interest payments on the debt would rise accordingly.
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