No Man's Land

House Rules

The blood of the living makes good fertilizer for the seeds of the new. - Anton Long

If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy. - Anton LaVey

Ask yourself a question before you try to play here. Do you understand what Satan is and represents? Can you handle playing amongst individuals that do? If not, leave to never darken this door again.

1. There is no Grand PooBah here. This site was created by a collective.

2. The janitors take out the trash. Recognise.

3. Stratification takes place organically here, all user disputes will be settled between users.

4. Ass Kissing will get you nowhere.

5. Your posts WILL be probed for weakness. With HELL comes the heat.

6. Derp? Fucking gone. There is no room for derp in the new order.

7. This is unlike anything else ever created. There is no interest in popularity. Our interest is in quality content and quality Users. Bring your A-game or get gone.

8. Chat is for members only.

9. This place exists to allow the Devil full reign of his Sinister domain, so if you have come to spread a nice, warm, fuzzy message of humanitarianism that might make us shed a tear for your pathetic cause, you probably won't last.

10. It only takes two digits of IQ to join this site. It will take you all three to remain.


I am Satan, the Devil. I am your worst enemy.

I am known by many names, but my Will is known by my deeds.

To presence evil is not for the faint of heart or the weak-willed.

None shall escape my fire.

You shall all burn from within.


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The Wall

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Oct 14
Did you see his lawyer's address of the charges?
Oct 13

I don't have my events straight, but is this the one where we only see when he's getting beaten and not what prompted it? more
Oct 13
To me, that's more entertaining than the game itself.
Oct 13
Oct 13
Oct 12
There was a death, but it was someone nobody cares about.
Oct 11
I've been wondering how many old regulars are still alive. I am glad there are no deaths to report, thus far.
Oct 10
Howdy, fnord. Welcome.
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