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    Having Fun With Prism. I must say, I side with ISIS... Seeing the blood of westerners particularly Americans is like a great justice on this planet of worthless creatures. May jihad reign supreme. And may the blood of Americans purify this world.
    Nov 2
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    Nov 3
    It's the same Persian Empire, still trying to reclaim what they've lost. It's the dustbin of History sensationalized as having more power than it actually does.
    Nov 3
    True. Moving on via "crossing lines" with self created image captions. Is this even a crime with this President "Shooting The President".
    Nov 3
    The new suicide bomber seems to be driving over people. Here is how I would do it here where I live to inflict the most harm.

    Location: Gaslamp
    Time: Friday or Saturday after 10 PM
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