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    What is your culture?
    All this racism flair up lately, begs to question what people think their culture is, doesn't it? Survey your interests and even your friends, you ha...
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    Under New Management
    Satan here. Circle of Descent is back up, running, and under new management. Stay tuned. That is all.
    Jul 26 '17
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    Nov 3 '17
    *Meangirls* ruelz
    Dec 14 '17
    Lol, I remember that. Ya, meq was an interesting character. I'd honestly trade almost any ten of these forgettable people we see on forums now to watch him melt down one last time.
    Dec 15 '17
    I remember that too, and I don't recall the tactics he used to be astute. It was rather that John was not in the mood to debate, and decided to just tell everyone to fuck off. Then people congratulated themselves, as if something huge had happened.
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